50 shades of Sunset…


Spell-bound Sunset…


A stroll down the beach, fav song playing on the headphones, humming it in full swing, feeling the soft sand beneath caressing your feet ,the gentle salty breeze flirting with the loose strands of hair and a mesmerizing view of the Sun going back home from work….. if this is not Bliss then what is..!!!



Welcome the night….!!

There is nothing more calming than to watch a beautiful sunset light up the sky and spread it’s arms to welcome the starry night…!!!

Such glimpses while zooming on a bike force you to halt and capture these moments lest you forget them.

Enjoying the Good Times …..

Candle-lit Beer

Candle-lit Beer

“Lying on the Beach, relishing the Sunset and sipping chilled Beer…..Paradise”

                                                                                                                                                      — S.K


Guilt-free trip :-)

Yes, that is a pretty unusual topic but a very very important one in every woman’s life. Phew!! That one was heavy, isn’t it?

Kilos,Calories,Pounds,Inches…etc,etc. Haven’t you all heard these heavy-weight words jumbled in a chaos of sentences and snowballed at you at such a high speed that before you know what knocked you off, you are already on that special “diet” 😛

Don’t they remind you of Mrs. Potts and her son Chip??

Anyways, had a lovely Chinese lunch on a hot Sunday afternoon and was almost full, when I spotted a Häagen-Dazs outlet. Needless to say, I knew how heart-broken the frozen sweeties would be if I did not venture inside 😉

Banana Split – Before Attack

Well, after flipping through their menu booklet for atleast 15-20 min, I finally gave up and settled myself for a “Banana Split”…I mean it did look pretty yummy on the menu 😛

The Banana Split arrived and then…….I was lost.Totally,Completely and Heavenly Delicious…no wait…Yummylicious……yummmm 😀 Sorry the whole sight and experience of the ice-cream was so awesome that I could just manage 1 click before the indulgence. Incase you are wondering how the ice-cream saga ended…well here’s the closure shot 😉

Häagen-Dazs – In a Mess

I don’t about you guys, but the last breaking news I heard (or rather witnessed) was that Häagen-Dazs was in quite a mess…see for yourself!!

Wow…after such a fulfilling afternoon, there was only 1 thing in this world which could give a befitting end to it all….a nice lovely sunset…hmmm 🙂

Silhouetted Sunset

Watching the high-sky buildings silhouetted against the setting sun with a mild breeze playing through your hair, is one of the most peaceful sights I could ask for.

At the end of the day, when I hit the bed….I just asked one question to myself

Am I guilty??


And  slept peacefully…..lol  😀


Life in the fast lane…..vrroommm


Clicked this on the way back from Marine Drive….luckily I got the effect I wanted in the very single shot 🙂

Churchgate station

Buildings in Mumbai….especially the old ones look really majestic in the night…illuminated all across by the dozens of streetlights …..

Shady deals

Doesn’t the caption speak all for itself ?? 😉

Dawn to Dusk

Winter Sunrise....

…..warming up to the nip in the air

Roadblocks or Stepping stones

It all depends on the way we perceive people,situations and experiences….

Winter Sunset

The sun sets to retire for the day and the cool breeze is already setting the tone for the arrival of winter….love this season 🙂