50 shades of Green 

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Inspired by a recent post …..here is my version of Greens….clicked this during my morning walk session….so had to be happy with my iPhone 😜

By the way….. should I say 50 shades of Green..!!!🌱🌿🍃🍀☘️

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Back to Source…

A trip at the garden on my occasional morning walk brought this lone flower wilting away as if waiting for the day it gets one with the source it once arose from….!!

Eventually it is all about getting in touch with your basics,your roots and the source you came from…but all this would make sense once you have achieved the true potential,true heights of why you’ve been raised.

It’s interesting to become philosophical once in a while…😃

White Frangipani

Flora, Nature, Photography, Travel
My fav flower......

My fav flower……

White Frangipani / Bridal Bouquet

Early morning walk down to the beach and I spot my fav flower perched nicely on the compound wall of one of the houses….

The mild sunlight caressing its petals was a sight to be seen and this was the best I could do to capture the essence 😀