Bye Bye Bappa…!!!

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He arrives and brings with him the start of the festive season….

Bappa 3.JPG

Ganpati Bappa Morya..!!!

There are various myths, stories and tales about our beloved Elephant-head and each one of them is a legend in itself. Growing up in the western part of the country, this particular festival has been of huge significance in my life and there are in-numerous fond memories entwined with Bappa and his birthday 🙂


Visarjan yatra

Now that he is on his way back, wishing that he would return faster the next year with more abundance, prosperity and joys…..We’ll miss you…C u soon 😦




Sept 2011 – Last day

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Ganpati Bappa Morya

Well incase you are new to the blog(or have a strong memory), this is the special Ganpati puja that takes place at one of Dad’s closest friends, Durve uncle on the 4th day or Chaturthi of Navratri…..for more details click HERE


Aum Ganeshay Namah

What better way to end a month than a generous darshan of Ganpati…..simply loved this shot for its sheer beauty and divinity…..

Troubled grandpa

This was a scene to watch at the puja…..Durve uncle had a real tough time handling two of his grand nieces and it was absolute fun to watch these kiddies throwing around their tantrums. This was one of the chance shots and I actually love it for its imperfection… 😉

Sept 2011 – III

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Waiting and waiting and waiting….

 Finally after a 9 day break I could get to visit a sarvajanik ganpati mandap ….the one outside D-Mart and couldn’t believe when I saw the loooong queue outside….felt like I have reached some village celebrations with the hawkers selling everything under the sun…



 Undir Mama ….Ganesha‘s carrier…and the only person who enjoys the maximum leverage at all times..why? Well he is the sole mediator between all our wishes,secrets and the Bappa.

Clicked one of the kids whispering his wishes to the Rat-God in the hope that it will get fulfilled ASAP 😛




These were the words that crossed my mind when I stood in front of Him. Just couldn’t bring myself to move away from him…I couldn’t visit Lalbaug (sob sob)….but this beautiful replica left me amazed nonetheless

Ganapati Bappa Morya!!


Mesmerizingly melodious

 I really don’t know the name of the singer but I can say one thing….his soulful voice coupled with the marvellous idol of Ganpati created an atmosphere so divine and enchanting that I was left STUNNED 🙂

Sept 2011 -II

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Same old turn...

Three consecutive sleep-deprived nights plus all the arrangements for the puja, had left me haggled the day after Ganesh chaturthi…..but the simple thought of visarjan was enough of a catalyst to leave early for the day and join the gang….

Is mod se jaate hain
kuch sust kadam raste, kuch tez kadam raahe
patthar kee hawelee ko, sheeshe ke gharondo me
tinkon ke nasheman tak, is mod se jaate hai…

clicked this shot while awaiting for the bus at panchkutir…brought back quite good old memories….had taken the same shot almost a year back and loved it once again.


Getting ready for visarjan

Nothing beats the sadness than seeing off your favorite deity and wait one more whole year for his next arrival….will sorely miss you Ganpati 😦

High above the sky....

 Clicked this pic while waiting for a rick outside my house to go to the dance class…the mobile camera shot may not be able to convey fully the beauty of the moon but nonetheless….the bird flying was an added bonus 😉


My Muse.....

An amazing artist,designer and an extremely frank(to the point of being brutal) girl ….that is Ragini for all of you….seriously admire your talent babes…keep it up!!

Thanks for being a patient and sporty muse for an amateur photographer like me!!

Sept 2011 -I

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Ganpati Bappa Morya

Welcoming Ganu on the first day of the month was probably the best way to start it 🙂 ….not to mention the amazing modaks and puranpolis that accompany him 😛

Although I have uploaded some more Ganpati pics here  …..this was one of the lot that captivated me. I believe each idol ahs its own beauty and this one was one of them.


Play of colours

 Ganesh chaturthi is totally incomplete without a beautiful rangoli adorning his entry. Like every year, Ragini wowed everybody with her skilful play of colours and patterns. Great job gal!!


Queen of Hearts

With nothing much to do in the afternoon and even my beauty sleep eluding me(surprise isn’t it!!), bunch of us got together for the usual girly chats and random shots….actually just getting used to my SLR 😛

My extended family….don’t they look lovely

 A befitting end to the day was a lovely dinner at Swati kaki’s place with the added bonus of hanging out with my fav dance group….although a few of us are missing in this pic(Amrita,Neha,Sulabha aunty) …what more can I ask for?