Mid-night snack or Early morning breakfast

Mouth- watering yummy….

The best time of the day is when you go for a walk to the beach at 3am in the morning and then decide to hit the upside restaurant in front of the beach to dig in some mouth-watering yummy food. What makes it even better is the calm and serene poolside ambience, few besties and some evergreen melodies playing in the background.

Thank you Srilanka for this heavenly experience…!!!

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Pickled :-)

 Pickled 🙂

Mom had arranged all the pickles in the house for them to receive the much-needed sunlight…the varying sizes and shapes and the way they were arranged were just too amusing and couldn’t help but click a random shot…..well it did have its rewards as well, got a bite from each one of them…..hmmm…yummmmy!!