Kojagari Lakshmi Puja 2017 – I

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Realized that last week from my stats that the demand for Kojagari Lakshmi Puja details are pretty high across the globe. Infact, was really glad that my older posts were of help . As  it is, even this year’s pujo was awesome and the highlight for me was that I made the narkoler naaru (coconut sweet) for the first time ever….and it tasted extra sweet 😛

Pujo prep

This year the weather was horribly hot thanks to October gods and MSEB random power cuts but you had to see Mom’s determination in getting all things in place and here I was wondering how does she do all that with so much ease :-O

Kojagari Lakshmi Puja setup

Although she did keep on cribbing about the lack of space since we changed the directions, nonetheless she managed to fill up every inch that was possible. Ofcourse, it goes without saying that I was more than happy to help her making some of the delicacies …by the way can you spot the plate full of yummy naaru 😀

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The Alpona pictures are coming soon..though not professional types but I was personally happy to see my progress in the free-hand department after a long long time…hope you enjoy too..!!


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Weekly Photo Challenge : Pedestrian

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Honestly this was one of the prompts that I used to eagerly wait every single week till a couple of years back and I hardly missed posting any during that time. But then, priorities got shifted and I lost touch. Yesterday, while going through my archives, I happened to read one of my WPC posts and I knew the next step right then and there…!!!

So here it is, my humble attempt to interpret a tricky topic for this week’s WPC – “Pedestrian” 

Till now, Pedestrian the word related to mostly Street and its life and street photography has always been interesting for me…so here is my version 


WPC - Pedestrian

Bored to Sleep

Well, spotted this old lady sitting right in front of Gateway of India and unaffected to the chaos and crowd around her. Infact, with the habit of carrying bottles, there was hardly anyone in the crowd buying water from her. Bored and tired from her pedestrian routine,  she finally dozed off to a good 10-min nap.  

Taking a cure from Krista’s point of view and in continuation with the earlier shot, would like to share a picture of a historical place which is “Anything but Pedestrian” – Gateway of India

WPC - Pedestrian 2

Gateway of India – Anything but Pedestrian

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Footprints of Prosperity

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Lakshmi Devi feet


Kojagari Lakshmi Puja has always been special for I used to love honing my drawing skills with Alpona and gorging on those utterly delicious coconut sweet (narkoler naru) by Mom.

A lot of things have changed over the years about my ritualistic beliefs being replaced by spiritual ones, however the eagerness for this particular puja hasn’t gone down and if you ask me the reason..I can’t single out one.

Will post the Alpona and puja pics soon…

P.S: Did I mention that I’m going to try my hand at making naaru this year for the first time ever…??!!!

Lol….. :-))

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Being Happy is a simple, healthy and contagious way to live and almost all of us(including me) find ways to make it complicated. It was an effort initially but I slowly realized that my happiness is my prerogative only and it is me who is responsible for it. Ofcourse, a couple of  wise words from multiple sources did make a difference but end of the day, whether to implement it or not is a personal decision is what I realized.


It is always fun to capture happiness and it doesn’t matter which age or gender or creed or religion or caste the person belongs to but just the moment of sheer joy …!!!

Keep Smiling 🙂

Be Happy 🙂 



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Recently covered the 1st birthday party of one of my clients kid and it was a straight roller coaster ride to my childhood days when the birthday cake was the target for each kid in the room even more than the one whose birthday it was….lol..!!

Realized that so much changed in the past few decades and honestly innocence is much smarter now..yeah that’s what I said. Nonetheless, I loved having a piece of those yummy superheroes especially in Pineapple flavour…..hmmmmmmmm…..wowww


and they are Yummy too…!!!

Bye Bye Bappa…!!!

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He arrives and brings with him the start of the festive season….

Bappa 3.JPG

Ganpati Bappa Morya..!!!

There are various myths, stories and tales about our beloved Elephant-head and each one of them is a legend in itself. Growing up in the western part of the country, this particular festival has been of huge significance in my life and there are in-numerous fond memories entwined with Bappa and his birthday 🙂


Visarjan yatra

Now that he is on his way back, wishing that he would return faster the next year with more abundance, prosperity and joys…..We’ll miss you…C u soon 😦



Sunshine with a dash of hurricane..!!

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Too big for Mom's shoes

Big Dreams, Small Feet 🙂

Clicking this picture of the cute lil girl trying to walk in her Mom’s shoes reminded me of my childhood when I would try to emulate my mother in every possible way. Would try to dress up like her, put on the makeup like she did and to walk in her heels. In fact I know lots of girls out there in my friends list who had the same aspirations while growing up…!!

I guess every little cute-looking girl out there is the perfect combination of

“Sunshine with a dash of hurricane”


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We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.

This is first picture that came to my mind coz of the word “swag” (a very confident attitude or manner). Infact when I read this quote, I realized that this masterful personality of modern India has already spoken about a philosophy which is more relevant in today’s times than it was then.

P.S: Clicked this picture at the Gateway of India last week

Monday Blues …. literally..!!

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Again from the archives…. This particular flower is called “Aparajita/Shankhpushp” (Butterfly pea) and is a certain favourite of my mother. It is believed to be used as an offering to Lord Shiva and the name Shankhpushp is self-explanatory (Shankh=Conch , Pushp=Flower…. Shaped like a Conch). The one that I have posted is a hybrid of the actual flower and hence you’ll see the petals are more curled.