Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Coming back to the arena after 60 loong days feels very different….just like the day when I started it all.

Lot of factors added to the temporary hiatus … fabulous ones…some extremely bad….but then that’s how Life is !!!

Curves. …..that’s one aspect a girl can talk about for hours together …either the absence of it or the envy of someone else’s …..lol 😉

Well, for a change I shot a road curve at Kuala Lumpur on a recent trip and it just came handy 😀

Curve down the road .....

Curve down the road …..

Tried my best ….but couldn’t ignore the gentleman on the side ….no issues though 😉



Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

This week’s challenge almost got me in my “Philosophical” mood….Beyond!!

Have you ever wondered why some of us sink into anxiety at the onset of any challenge while some get charged up and raring to go like the bull which sees the red cloth (bad example :-P)? Well, that’s simply because the latter ones choose to see beyond their current hurdles and visualize the finish line…

Look beyond the hurdles...

Look beyond the hurdles…

Well,this picture represented this fact for me. Many of you may choose to disagree but when I saw this picture in today’s context, I saw the rock lying on the sand as the biggest hurdle of my success  – “Me”. Yes, I am my biggest hurdle. There is a vast ocean of success, abundance and prosperity waiting for me out there, but it’s that voice inside me which stops me from looking Beyond.

It’s high time, I kick off that hurdle(voice) and run towards the ocean….Beyond the Waves!!!