Divinity series – 1

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Ever since I remember, Dance has been an integral part of my life. It is my solace to everything else around me and yet it has kept me tied to the realities of life as well. From being a performer to capturing other artistes through my lens has been an amazing journey. Infact, my experiences behind the lens has added to my experience in front of it.

Here, I have posted a few pics from an elegant and classical dance form of Eastern India – Odissi. These I found in my archives when I was searching for a particular pose and I knew I had to post them. There were hundreds of shots but I clearly knew my favorites….lot more are in pipeline…so keep watching this space 🙂

Dance ….my tryst with Divinity…..

Budding Talent (literally)

Budding Talent

The emergence of a new beauty


Going through my archives, came across these pictures of flower buds taken at various intervals at various places. A bud is nothing but a new life , a new beauty entering in this world raised with lot of effort by the parent plant and eager to experience the potential o its being…!!

Isn’t it the same with our kids…then why do we squash their eagerness with our expectations and kill their innocence with our logic.??!


Grateful to my Gurus 


Found this image befitting for today…!!

Nandi – a perfect example of submission to Guru. So much to learn from him and so much to imbibe. Today on Guru Poornima, as I remember each person who guided me at every step of my life starting from my Mom, I realized that I’ve been eternally blessed. 

Totally grateful to each one of my Gurus for keeping that faith in this stupid student and guide me patiently. I owe everything I am and will be to each One of You. 


Honey, where are the kids??!!

Bench or Pause

Myself Loved the capture with the winding road in the backdrop putting me in a philosophical mood.

Often there are such benches in the path of life or a momentary Pause so as to say. There are some who feel it’s too much of an effort and simply quit the walk, there are some  who rest for a while and then resume with full Gusto and then there are those who don’t rest till they hit the finish line…!! 

None of the decisions are Right or Wrong…they simply are….it is to be seen with how much sincerity do we stick to the decision we take 🙏


Stairway to Heaven

There is nothing in the world that can beat the ecstasy of enjoying a full veg meal (Surprise😝) and that too on a coconut leaf….!!

I don’t remember the last time I felt so satiated and was full of gratitude for each morsel. Every bite felt like taking a step towards heaven. I’ve always had a weakness for South-Indian food and when I get to hog such awesomely yummy food…there is only one question that hits my mind…..If this isn’t  Bliss….then what is??!!!

50 shades of Sunset…


Spell-bound Sunset…


A stroll down the beach, fav song playing on the headphones, humming it in full swing, feeling the soft sand beneath caressing your feet ,the gentle salty breeze flirting with the loose strands of hair and a mesmerizing view of the Sun going back home from work….. if this is not Bliss then what is..!!!