Scholastic Sunday – 6

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Nectar in a sieve


Scholastic Sunday – 4

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Single in the City – Sushmita Bose

An interesting read I must day….nicely written Sushmita!!

Could relate to a lot of stuff she has mentioned about the adventures she cam across in the “sexist” city of Delhi.Well, some of the stuff does happen here in Mumbai as well…so that means these two cities are not far from being similar, contradictory to what the reports say 😉

Scholastic Sunday – 3

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Well, this I’ve started this series, a trip down to the nearest bookstore has become like a favourite pastime. Ofcourse this was one has lot more benefits than merely clicking pictures of books around, I also get to read so many new books and incase one catches my fancy, buying it is a bonus!!

Random but Unique

One such random collection caught my eye and it amused me to see writers of various genres, backgrounds and topics kept harmoniously together without hitting each others popularity.

“You cannot open a book without learning something.”

P.S: The book “Wings of Fire” is an excellent read by our country’s ex-president  Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

Scholastic Sunday – 2

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Breakout Nations – Ruchir Sharma

Books have always been one of my strongest passions (dance & photography feature too!!) and so I thought to start this new post where every Sunday I publish the latest bestseller stacked at Crosswords.

Wondering about the title of the post….well I, for one, could never associate Sundays with books. Putting a sense of humor to that irony, I though to name the post “Scholastic Sunday” 😛

Since I may not read each one of them, you guys are welcome to post your reviews and comments on the same 😉


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A trip down to Crossword and I feel like a child in a candy store…seriously!! 😛

However, the latest bestseller from John Grisham’s stable stacked up real nicely was what caught my eye

With just my mobile Samsung Galaxy Pop Plus handy, this was the best shot I could get.

John Grisham

Wonder when do I get to lay my hands on that novel…..hmmm…

I presume soon….very soon!! 😉

Anyone got a review??