50 shades of Sunset…


Spell-bound Sunset…


A stroll down the beach, fav song playing on the headphones, humming it in full swing, feeling the soft sand beneath caressing your feet ,the gentle salty breeze flirting with the loose strands of hair and a mesmerizing view of the Sun going back home from work….. if this is not Bliss then what is..!!!



Welcome the night….!!

There is nothing more calming than to watch a beautiful sunset light up the sky and spread it’s arms to welcome the starry night…!!!

Such glimpses while zooming on a bike force you to halt and capture these moments lest you forget them.

Ball of fury

After a long long time got an opportunity to click a “Sunset” and that too right from my bedroom window…

Fiery Sunset.....treat to the eyes

Fiery Sunset…..treat to the eyes

Looked like a fireball setting the sky on fire….amazing view it was!!!

Silhouettes & Sunset


Shot at dusk….it was a treat to watch these two mischief-makers have a gala time watching the sunset…

Sunsets have always been my fav topic and kids the second fav….so this picture is best of the likes 😀

Well, after these two left; there were still a few moments of the sunset left and I knew this cannot be missed…so here it is 🙂 🙂 🙂

Malaysian Sunset

Malaysian Sunset

It was one of the most calming scenarios in the most hectic trip I had till date 🙂


Enjoying the Good Times …..

Candle-lit Beer

Candle-lit Beer

“Lying on the Beach, relishing the Sunset and sipping chilled Beer…..Paradise”

                                                                                                                                                      — S.K


Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Lets go in Reverse Mode this time, shall we???

Saturday Night….All is well that ends well…..and a nice sweet pudding at the end of the day makes it even more nicer!! 😀

Today is Saturday…

yeah well, I know am pretty much nearing the end of it but what the heck??

Saturday Evening…Braving the hustle bustle of people returning home from work and spotting the moon amidst the crowd….serene 🙂

Today is Saturday…

and it was one hell of a day for sure

Saturday Noon…A leisure walk around the city’s bylanes and spotting interesting stuff by the roadside…cool 😛

Today is Saturday…

and it was hot,humid,clammy but total fun 😀

Saturday Morning…what better than to start the day with a sky full of white fluffy clouds and a sun shining nice and bright!! 😀

Today is Saturday…

and tomorrow is Sunday….yeah!!!

😀 😀 😀