Another Sun sets ….

Felt as if I was walking down the beach after ages….the soft sand beneath, the chaos of kids and hawkers all around and the serene sun setting down behind the calm waters. Missed sunsets big time 🙂

Mumbai Sunset

Mumbai Sunset

So glad for some decisions I made a year back … Thank you God for everything!!

😀 😀 😀

Silhouettes & Sunset


Shot at dusk….it was a treat to watch these two mischief-makers have a gala time watching the sunset…

Sunsets have always been my fav topic and kids the second fav….so this picture is best of the likes 😀

Well, after these two left; there were still a few moments of the sunset left and I knew this cannot be missed…so here it is 🙂 🙂 🙂

Malaysian Sunset

Malaysian Sunset

It was one of the most calming scenarios in the most hectic trip I had till date 🙂


Enjoying the Good Times …..

Candle-lit Beer

Candle-lit Beer

“Lying on the Beach, relishing the Sunset and sipping chilled Beer…..Paradise”

                                                                                                                                                      — S.K


Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Lets go in Reverse Mode this time, shall we???

Saturday Night….All is well that ends well…..and a nice sweet pudding at the end of the day makes it even more nicer!! 😀

Today is Saturday…

yeah well, I know am pretty much nearing the end of it but what the heck??

Saturday Evening…Braving the hustle bustle of people returning home from work and spotting the moon amidst the crowd….serene 🙂

Today is Saturday…

and it was one hell of a day for sure

Saturday Noon…A leisure walk around the city’s bylanes and spotting interesting stuff by the roadside…cool 😛

Today is Saturday…

and it was hot,humid,clammy but total fun 😀

Saturday Morning…what better than to start the day with a sky full of white fluffy clouds and a sun shining nice and bright!! 😀

Today is Saturday…

and tomorrow is Sunday….yeah!!!

😀 😀 😀

Guilt-free trip :-)

Yes, that is a pretty unusual topic but a very very important one in every woman’s life. Phew!! That one was heavy, isn’t it?

Kilos,Calories,Pounds,Inches…etc,etc. Haven’t you all heard these heavy-weight words jumbled in a chaos of sentences and snowballed at you at such a high speed that before you know what knocked you off, you are already on that special “diet” 😛

Don’t they remind you of Mrs. Potts and her son Chip??

Anyways, had a lovely Chinese lunch on a hot Sunday afternoon and was almost full, when I spotted a Häagen-Dazs outlet. Needless to say, I knew how heart-broken the frozen sweeties would be if I did not venture inside 😉

Banana Split – Before Attack

Well, after flipping through their menu booklet for atleast 15-20 min, I finally gave up and settled myself for a “Banana Split”…I mean it did look pretty yummy on the menu 😛

The Banana Split arrived and then…….I was lost.Totally,Completely and Heavenly Delicious…no wait…Yummylicious……yummmm 😀 Sorry the whole sight and experience of the ice-cream was so awesome that I could just manage 1 click before the indulgence. Incase you are wondering how the ice-cream saga ended…well here’s the closure shot 😉

Häagen-Dazs – In a Mess

I don’t about you guys, but the last breaking news I heard (or rather witnessed) was that Häagen-Dazs was in quite a mess…see for yourself!!

Wow…after such a fulfilling afternoon, there was only 1 thing in this world which could give a befitting end to it all….a nice lovely sunset…hmmm 🙂

Silhouetted Sunset

Watching the high-sky buildings silhouetted against the setting sun with a mild breeze playing through your hair, is one of the most peaceful sights I could ask for.

At the end of the day, when I hit the bed….I just asked one question to myself

Am I guilty??


And  slept peacefully…  😀


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

With the scorching summer on and the blistering heat frying away the days, the least favourite thing in the universe right now for me is the SUN 😦

Hence when I read this time’s topic for the W.P.C, the first reaction that came was a big “Ohh No!!”….but well, challenges are meant to be faced and here I was face-to-face with my current adversity….SUN 😀

Below is the collection of 4 of the SUN-shots I have taken over the period irrespective of the season 😛

Rising Sun - First Glance

Have always been an admirer of Sunsets more than Sunrises (they are way too early), but my morning cyclathon took me to this small lake right in the heart of the city and to focus the camera and shoot the first glance of the sun made my Sunday a literally Sunny Day 😀

Tinted Sun

This picture was shot a few years back with my Dad’s Nokia N73 on our way to Pune. Shot through the window panes of a moving car, I simply fell in love with the bluish hue it gave to the entire frame…..finally I painted the Sun BLUE!!! hehehehehe 😉

Race to the Sun - Chariots on Fire

This was shot on the Kelwa beach a year back using my modest Nokia-E5 and am so glad it turned out just the way I wanted it to. This was the time when I had decided to get a DSLR for myself!!

Washed away Sun

This shot was taken on the slope down my office after a long day’s work 😛

Had nothing but my handy Sony Ericsson J20i to capture this lovely moment…felt as if the Sun was literally washed away by the clouds 🙂

P.S: Now that I posted these pictures, it was pretty coincidental that except for the first one, all the remaining pictures were taken by my mobile phones at some point or other (have lost two of them by now)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.”

                                                                                                        – Lao Tzu

This was the first quote that sprung in my mind when I read the topic and it is indeed true because a journey gets its identity when the traveller embarks on it. It can be a journey of relationships,nature,life or a simple walk down the road.

Here is my take on “Journey”

Journey of the day....beginning or end?

This one is a sunset captured at Marine Drive,Mumbai. Sunsets have always been a favourite of mine and it leaves me with a single question everytime….

Is this the end of the journey or the beginning to a new one?

Journey of life

This pic was clicked at a joggers park near my locality and has been a particular favourite of mine. It actually determines her grit and determination to take on the opposite direction even after she has already walked a considerable part of the universal journey – Life

Journey of Relations

Two friends walking on the beach at sunset as they have been doing all through their lives by just being there for each other. This picture means a lot to me since some old relations saw the end of their journey and some new relations began theirs after this trip.

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”
                                                                                 –Matsuo Basho

Dawn to Dusk

Winter Sunrise....

…..warming up to the nip in the air

Roadblocks or Stepping stones

It all depends on the way we perceive people,situations and experiences….

Winter Sunset

The sun sets to retire for the day and the cool breeze is already setting the tone for the arrival of winter….love this season 🙂

Evening of doing nothing….


Nothing better to do after a fortnight of festivities than simply lay back, have a hot steaming plate of Maggii and watch the sunset…..ahhhhh… loving it!! 🙂


Serene evening

Wow..its been a pretty long time since I actually got to see such beautiful hue of the sunset…lovely

Week in between….


Monday evening….cloudy and gloomy


Tuesday morning..still cloudy with a ray of sunshine 🙂


Its a bug’s life after all…..


Creating Modern Art with lights 😉


The week went as fast and hazily as this picture…OMG its Friday!!

Sept 2011 -V


Origami trio

Decorating the desk with my new-found hobby 😛


 Parathas…..Yummmmyyyyy…need I say more?


Mumbai Traffic……..zzzzzzzz


 Impromptu trip to N.C.P.A to watch three stalwarts perform live in an amazing confluence of three varied styles of dance….the best way to kick-off the weekend!!

Sept 2011 -II

Same old turn...

Three consecutive sleep-deprived nights plus all the arrangements for the puja, had left me haggled the day after Ganesh chaturthi…..but the simple thought of visarjan was enough of a catalyst to leave early for the day and join the gang….

Is mod se jaate hain
kuch sust kadam raste, kuch tez kadam raahe
patthar kee hawelee ko, sheeshe ke gharondo me
tinkon ke nasheman tak, is mod se jaate hai…

clicked this shot while awaiting for the bus at panchkutir…brought back quite good old memories….had taken the same shot almost a year back and loved it once again.


Getting ready for visarjan

Nothing beats the sadness than seeing off your favorite deity and wait one more whole year for his next arrival….will sorely miss you Ganpati 😦

High above the sky....

 Clicked this pic while waiting for a rick outside my house to go to the dance class…the mobile camera shot may not be able to convey fully the beauty of the moon but nonetheless….the bird flying was an added bonus 😉


My Muse.....

An amazing artist,designer and an extremely frank(to the point of being brutal) girl ….that is Ragini for all of you….seriously admire your talent babes…keep it up!!

Thanks for being a patient and sporty muse for an amateur photographer like me!!



Had a very sumptuous meal at Umbarkar’s during the puja of Sant Gajanan Maharaj Pragat Din….became nostalgic about Pusad


A long-standing wish came true…one of the most beautiful sunsets till I on 7th heaven or on Cloud #9…. 🙂


Just when I thought I had lost it all….you revived my faith in myself…probably that is what friends are for…thanks buddy!!