After the rains…

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Lovely evening….walk down the lanes…cool breeze spoiling my hair and the smell of the rains around me….this is how Life should be!!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

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The seasons surely are changing dynamically this year. Well, for a person residing in the coastal city of India, Mumbai… is getting relatively difficult to judge if its finally winters or is the October heat still on an extension 😦

Got this pic last year at the onset of the winters……as the mercury starts dipping; the clouds start increasing and the sky takes a beautiful crimson pallete

Onset of winters

Onset of winters

Clicked this one a few days back….it just excites me to see new life taking shape during this season

Onset of new life

Onset of new life

Monsoon Jitters…

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Well, this year the monsoon has really been quite jittery and this erratic behaviour of the Rain department is leaving us all in jitters 😦

Today evening, on my way back home, got a surprise spell of heavy showers which lasted for exactly 10 min…..just enough to leave you uncomfily wet and yet not much to get drenched and enjoy the showers!!

Caught this from my modest Samsung cellphone on the glass of the bus…loved the drop effect as if someone has sprayed on it 🙂

Monsoon Jitters or Jittery Monsoon

I love monsoons in a BIG way but this time it just doesn’t feel right…..I hope the rain gods get pestered by all my rantings and ramblings and just crash on for a week at a stretch…but then if wishes had wings 😛


Cloudy Skies

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Wonder what is wrong with the Rain department this year?? Patches of rainfall, irritating sticky humidity and heavily cloudy sky all the time….

Cloudy Skies – Morning

Although as a Cloud Lover, I got absolutely no qualms with Rain-God, but this temperamental weather is really getting confusing to deal with.

Cloudy Skies – Evening

Well hope to have a really good spell of showers this year and the most imp clause – I don’t get wet on my way to office!! 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge : Summer

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“Summer” is a topic which brings myriad of pictures and childhood memories for me. If I had to jot them down, it probably would be a long long post….but as much as I dislike the heat, humidity and harassment it brings with it, there are some things which are at their best when the Sun is at his worst 😛

Deserted Summer Roads…well,almost

Playing all day during the long summer vacations, relishing yummy mangoes, enjoying cold ice-creams and staying put on the hot fiery afternoons….lovely Nostalgia!!

Fiery Gulmohar blossom

Summers are the season for the blooming of the gulmohar trees. Roadsides streaming with the yellow and red flowers and the fiery red blossoms standing stark against the dull trees are a treat to watch 🙂

Well, this is called “Saving the best for the last”. Summers have forever been synonymous with Mangoes for me and trust me the sweet juicy fruit is much more than just a fruit in India then. Its a craze!! Ranging from milkshakes, salads,aamras,sweets to marmalades and jams….you name it and we have already put a mango in it 🙂 But the best way to relish a Mango is to eat it with your hands…direct!! Its messy, its sweet, its juicy and its FUN 😀

P.S: How can I forget my Frozen Sweeties??