Back to Source…

A trip at the garden on my occasional morning walk brought this lone flower wilting away as if waiting for the day it gets one with the source it once arose from….!!

Eventually it is all about getting in touch with your basics,your roots and the source you came from…but all this would make sense once you have achieved the true potential,true heights of why you’ve been raised.

It’s interesting to become philosophical once in a while…😃


After being totally razed down by some miscreant (rat/bird), I had lost all hope that my Tulsi is going to live again……

but it was real surprise when my lovely green baby spread its leaves again…it was like being reborn….!!

How it feels to be alive again....

How it feels to be alive again….

Felt that tingling experience of being Reborn again…..and it felt very liberating 😀

What’s your age??

Came across these interesting coasters at a friend’s place and well…they had to be shot 😉

I remembered when they taught in school, that a tree’s age is determined by the no.of circles in the trunk ….

Age is ....

Age is ….

So what do you think would be the age of the tree…before the poor fella was cut down and turned into fancy coasters !!

White Frangipani

My fav flower......

My fav flower……

White Frangipani / Bridal Bouquet

Early morning walk down to the beach and I spot my fav flower perched nicely on the compound wall of one of the houses….

The mild sunlight caressing its petals was a sight to be seen and this was the best I could do to capture the essence 😀


401 :-D

Strewn on the way ....

Strewn on the way ….

One of my fav collections and pictures till date, saw this baby coconut lying on the deserted beaches in Goa. It actually felt like one of those miniature collections that remind of those fun moments once spent around them.

Btw….this is my 401st post and an really happy with the journey so far!!



Starting on an auspicious note....

Starting on an auspicious note….

There is a common practice in the Indian culture of writing Śrī as first word centralized in line at the beginning of a document. It is believed to bring success and blessing to the work being done.

I pray the same for the year to come…. 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

The seasons surely are changing dynamically this year. Well, for a person residing in the coastal city of India, Mumbai…..it is getting relatively difficult to judge if its finally winters or is the October heat still on an extension 😦

Got this pic last year at the onset of the winters……as the mercury starts dipping; the clouds start increasing and the sky takes a beautiful crimson pallete

Onset of winters

Onset of winters

Clicked this one a few days back….it just excites me to see new life taking shape during this season

Onset of new life

Onset of new life

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Frankly speaking, Green is my least favourite colour when it  comes to making choices for my wardrobe…. 😛

Having said that, I totally love the hues of Green the nature is painted in especially during the monsoons….its just refreshing and healing in the least!!

Sorry to be not able to capture “Out of the Box”,but below is my collection of “Greeny” captures….

It’s green down the road….

Clicked during one of my weekend early morning trips to the local Joggers’ Park, I found this pair of leaves clicked as it is on the border of the lake….made me pretty philosophical though!!

Wet and……Green

This was clicked in Mom’s garden during the onset of monsoons this year….one of my fav captures 🙂

Dash of green

This was clicked on my way back from one of my cycling trips. The twig belongs to the “Tulsi” plant , considered as one of the holiest plants in the Hindu rituals and to spot this lying on the ground among the dust, brought an ironic smile to my face!!