Monday Blues …. literally..!!

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Again from the archives…. This particular flower is called “Aparajita/Shankhpushp” (Butterfly pea) and is a certain favourite of my mother. It is believed to be used as an offering to Lord Shiva and the name Shankhpushp is self-explanatory (Shankh=Conch , Pushp=Flower…. Shaped like a Conch). The one that I have posted is a hybrid of the actual flower and hence you’ll see the petals are more curled.



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Two to tango

This is what happens when :

a. It’s raining crazily 

b. You’re the only one to reach early 

c. You’ve got an iPhone and time to pass

Well I decided today to be proactive and reach early for a change. With some time in my hand along with my iPhone and the  rains, I decided to make most of it. It was fun capturing the raindrops over the fallen leaves 😁😁😁

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Sasural genda phool

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Genda Phool

Captured this shot while shooting an Odissi dance recital by one of the students of Aratrika . Actually this was pre-recital shot and amidst all the chaos of the stage being setup and the green room, I noticed this lone flower lying on the stage in the spotlight. Nothing philosopical about the picture and yet I feel drawn to this shot but at a loss of words.

Ohh by the way, for those of who are wondering why the title of the post…well the only song I could remember when I saw the flower was Sasural genda phool….cannot stop humming now…lol.. :-))

For all you curious music lovers, who have no clue about this son…here’s the link for you


P.S : Genda phool = Marigold flower




Succulent Sunday 

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Focus on the new leaf

Well Monsoons arrive and my love for growing my home garden also did. The first entrant on my garden…a cute little succulent. Dunno the scientific name but then how does it matter….It’s green and it’s cute….yipeeeeeee…!!!!😘 😘😘😘

Budding Talent (literally)

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Budding Talent

The emergence of a new beauty


Going through my archives, came across these pictures of flower buds taken at various intervals at various places. A bud is nothing but a new life , a new beauty entering in this world raised with lot of effort by the parent plant and eager to experience the potential o its being…!!

Isn’t it the same with our kids…then why do we squash their eagerness with our expectations and kill their innocence with our logic.??!


50 shades of Green 

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Inspired by a recent post … is my version of Greens….clicked this during my morning walk session….so had to be happy with my iPhone 😜

By the way….. should I say 50 shades of Green..!!!🌱🌿🍃🍀☘️

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Back to Source…

A trip at the garden on my occasional morning walk brought this lone flower wilting away as if waiting for the day it gets one with the source it once arose from….!!

Eventually it is all about getting in touch with your basics,your roots and the source you came from…but all this would make sense once you have achieved the true potential,true heights of why you’ve been raised.

It’s interesting to become philosophical once in a while…😃


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After being totally razed down by some miscreant (rat/bird), I had lost all hope that my Tulsi is going to live again……

but it was real surprise when my lovely green baby spread its leaves again…it was like being reborn….!!

How it feels to be alive again....

How it feels to be alive again….

Felt that tingling experience of being Reborn again…..and it felt very liberating 😀

What’s your age??

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Came across these interesting coasters at a friend’s place and well…they had to be shot 😉

I remembered when they taught in school, that a tree’s age is determined by the no.of circles in the trunk ….

Age is ....

Age is ….

So what do you think would be the age of the tree…before the poor fella was cut down and turned into fancy coasters !!

White Frangipani

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My fav flower......

My fav flower……

White Frangipani / Bridal Bouquet

Early morning walk down to the beach and I spot my fav flower perched nicely on the compound wall of one of the houses….

The mild sunlight caressing its petals was a sight to be seen and this was the best I could do to capture the essence 😀


401 :-D

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Strewn on the way ....

Strewn on the way ….

One of my fav collections and pictures till date, saw this baby coconut lying on the deserted beaches in Goa. It actually felt like one of those miniature collections that remind of those fun moments once spent around them.

Btw….this is my 401st post and an really happy with the journey so far!!