Flicker of ….

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Spotted this diya at the Powai garden during my occasional walks with an air of melancholy around it.

Looking at the diya I felt as if it was waiting to be picked up, filled with oil and most importantly to light up the space around. Must’ve been in demand during the festive times but now is nothing but a piece of garbage just lying around to be dumped off unceremoniously.

I guess I do sound like I’ve lost IT, but given a chance I could almost write an autobiographical post on the lamp (just like school days)..will settle with the phrase “Forgotten Flicker” till then!!!



Weekly Photo Challenge : Pedestrian

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Honestly this was one of the prompts that I used to eagerly wait every single week till a couple of years back and I hardly missed posting any during that time. But then, priorities got shifted and I lost touch. Yesterday, while going through my archives, I happened to read one of my WPC posts and I knew the next step right then and there…!!!

So here it is, my humble attempt to interpret a tricky topic for this week’s WPC – “Pedestrian” 

Till now, Pedestrian the word related to mostly Street and its life and street photography has always been interesting for me…so here is my version 


WPC - Pedestrian

Bored to Sleep

Well, spotted this old lady sitting right in front of Gateway of India and unaffected to the chaos and crowd around her. Infact, with the habit of carrying bottles, there was hardly anyone in the crowd buying water from her. Bored and tired from her pedestrian routine,  she finally dozed off to a good 10-min nap.  

Taking a cure from Krista’s point of view and in continuation with the earlier shot, would like to share a picture of a historical place which is “Anything but Pedestrian” – Gateway of India

WPC - Pedestrian 2

Gateway of India – Anything but Pedestrian

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Lol….. :-))

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Being Happy is a simple, healthy and contagious way to live and almost all of us(including me) find ways to make it complicated. It was an effort initially but I slowly realized that my happiness is my prerogative only and it is me who is responsible for it. Ofcourse, a couple of  wise words from multiple sources did make a difference but end of the day, whether to implement it or not is a personal decision is what I realized.


It is always fun to capture happiness and it doesn’t matter which age or gender or creed or religion or caste the person belongs to but just the moment of sheer joy …!!!

Keep Smiling 🙂

Be Happy 🙂 


Sunshine with a dash of hurricane..!!

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Too big for Mom's shoes

Big Dreams, Small Feet 🙂

Clicking this picture of the cute lil girl trying to walk in her Mom’s shoes reminded me of my childhood when I would try to emulate my mother in every possible way. Would try to dress up like her, put on the makeup like she did and to walk in her heels. In fact I know lots of girls out there in my friends list who had the same aspirations while growing up…!!

I guess every little cute-looking girl out there is the perfect combination of

“Sunshine with a dash of hurricane”

Monday, here I come..!!

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Ready for takeoff

Ready, steady and Go……

Well, Sunday is coming to a closure with a few hours to go and as I was going through my archives, this picture reminded me of how Sundays used to be a few years back when I working in my job. Sunday night meant more of getting ready to fight off the week starting with the toughest day mentally – MONDAY 

Irony of the matter was when I quit my job, Monday infact became my most fav day of the week. I realised that it is not Monday’s fault for being painted the villain in a jobbie’s life but it is the thought of going to a place which feeds our stomachs but not our souls, where it becomes more of an obligation and less of an expectation.

I know there are lot of you out there who may disagree with my thought, but I am just expressing what I saw with majority of them. So just like this crow about to take-off , its time for the week to take-off too.


Succulent Sunday 

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Focus on the new leaf

Well Monsoons arrive and my love for growing my home garden also did. The first entrant on my garden…a cute little succulent. Dunno the scientific name but then how does it matter….It’s green and it’s cute….yipeeeeeee…!!!!😘 😘😘😘

Honey, where are the kids??!!

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Bench or Pause

Myself Loved the capture with the winding road in the backdrop putting me in a philosophical mood.

Often there are such benches in the path of life or a momentary Pause so as to say. There are some who feel it’s too much of an effort and simply quit the walk, there are some  who rest for a while and then resume with full Gusto and then there are those who don’t rest till they hit the finish line…!! 

None of the decisions are Right or Wrong…they simply are….it is to be seen with how much sincerity do we stick to the decision we take 🙏