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This picture was taken at this year’s Anant Chaturdashi when I spotted a procession outside my house. It was an adorable sight to watch these little bundles of innocence playing around totally aloof of the magnanimity of the idol.

Honestly speaking it was these kids that captured my attention more than anything else for they truly represent that which we seek  – Purity, Innocence, Truth and Happiness 

Somewhere we all have this child alive inside us even today and all it takes is just a bit of madness to release that kid. For it is proven time and again that the ones who make a difference around them are the only ones who still have this child in them alive and kicking…!!



Weekly Photo Challenge – Rounded

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Well, I was really happy to read the topic albeit a bit late , but because a few days back on a random walking spree I coincidentally clicked two shots which fit the theme to the T ..!!

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First and third shot are taken 2 days back at a chai cafe (Chaayos) which is close to my heart for all the memories it holds with my near and dear ones ….makes me nostalgic 😀

Second shot is taken at a recent dance festival I visited in Bengaluru in the artists dressing room and it is actually the headgear in one of the traditional Indian classical dance forms from Orissa – Odissi … my first love 

Final shot is taken at this year’s Durga Puja (Indian festival) and it is actually a Sudarshan Chakra granted to Goddess Durga by Lord Vishnu during her fight with Mahishasur, the demon….!!

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Tu Chal Main Aaayiiiiii……

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Tu chal Main Aayi

Saat phera…!!

Shot at one of my best friend’s wedding, it was one of the most happening marriages literally…So much action both on-stage and off it simultaneously!! Infact, one of the most loving couples I’ve met till date and two personalities who are poles apart and yet share so much love and understanding.

No I’m not going to start talking about Marriage per se….its just that this particular pic reminded me of an extremely popular song from a cult movie of our generation – Tu Chal Main Aayi from “Maine Pyaar Kiya”


Mouth- watering yummy….

The best time of the day is when you go for a walk to the beach at 3am in the morning and then decide to hit the upside restaurant in front of the beach to dig in some mouth-watering yummy food. What makes it even better is the calm and serene poolside ambience, few besties and some evergreen melodies playing in the background.

Thank you Srilanka for this heavenly experience…!!!

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Mid-night snack or Early morning breakfast

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Going through my archives, I came across this shot of my dearest friend Kavya taken during her Mancha pravesh….

Submission ...to the Divine

Submission to the Divine

The last stance of “Moksha” as a finale to the dance recital and how elegantly it summarizes the whole concept of Submission.

Totally love it !!!

Life is a Movie !!

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Smile of Success

Smile of Success

There is a lot that a smile can say about a person, her attitude and her heart 😀

So so  happy & proud to have a friend like you Pooja ….  🙂

Posted by Bhardwaj Pooja on Friday, October 18, 2013

Holi hai …..yeah!!

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Feel like its been ages since I wrote a full-fledged post with my shots … yeah, time has been a constant challenge 😉

Go Green!!

Go Green!!

 Well for starters, there is a whole lot of stuff happening and by God’s grace ….. it’s Awesome!! This year Holi was bit different.

Rain Dance ....yeah!!!

Rain Dance ….yeah!!!

Till afternoon I was happy coz I was squeakiest clean person you could meet and I was pretty successful to dodge all the colours thrown my way (yeah am anti-Holi ) ; but then my happiness was short-lived 😛

Sombre look ... Bleeding Blue ;-)

Sombre look … Bleeding Blue 😉

Got a few but wonderful shots though ….yeah that is what I more precisely wanted!!

Colours of India

Colours of India

Weekly Photo Challenge – My 2012 in Pictures

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A  year that will be a milestone in all aspects…..

A year that will forever be etched in my heart……..

A year that started new phases and  closed old chapters…….

And a year  that taught me a lot about myself than all the previous years could together 😀

Bye Bye 2012 :-D

Bye Bye 2012 😀

A year that gave me lots to cry for and loads to rejoice….

A year that made me proud but more to be ashamed of 😦

A year that I bade goodbye with loads of happiness and joy 😛

A year that I bade goodbye with a hope that 2013 brings ten-fold happiness and peace

Bye  Bye 2012

2013…here I come!!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

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What better to live up your festive season than a surprise which brings a smile  to someone’s face and makes their day!!


A very interesting emotion to capture…..coz if it goes down the scale it can end up being a shock 😛

Well, I really had the picture coming to me today morning at a wedding I attended. Couldn’t wait to post the two pics which co-incidentally matched the theme….hehehehehe 😀

Surprise or Shock

Whattt….We are not getting married today??

This was a classic expression by the bride and the groom….I couldn’t think of any better caption…..Lol

😀 😀 😀



Can you believe I got two shots at the same event?? This cute cuddly angel was quite taken by surprise when I clicked her pic…but ain’t she absolutely adorable….mwah!!


Aqualife 2012

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Waking up early on Sunday morning and getting ready to visit an exhibition is an herculean task atleast by my standards(which are pretty high!!) 😉

So last week, when some of my friends mentioned about this aqua exhibition “Aqua Life 2012”  held in the city college, I decided to go for it atleast for my camera’s sake. Well, forgoing my beauty sleep didn’t wear me off that much as did the heat,humidity and long waiting period 😦

Waiting and waiting and waiting……

To be frank, the exhibition was sort of a downer for grown-up kids like myself. There are a couple of reasons to this other than the basic variety of fishes  displayed. First of all, it really pisses me off to make kids waiting and secondly when you are running a ticketed show, please make sure you’ve enough counters and staff to handle the crowd already heated up due to the long waiting period.

Cool Dude like Dad 😉

Yeah, Anikait (my friend’s son) was one happy fellow with just two words in his vocab for the day – Turtle and Fish.

Playing around with him was the fun part!!

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Well, I know am getting kind of cribby here, but with the low lighting, these shots were the best I could manage…..

so guys, enjoy the slideshow

😀 😀 “Happy Fishing!!” 😀 😀

P.S: We didn’t have fish fry that afternoon…for lunch 😛

Durga Puja’12 – II

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Well, wanted to try out the Gallery feature for quite sometime and what best than to display a varied range of pictures spelling two words


Yeah, for a die-had Bong (not Bond) , Durga Puja is one festival we wait eagerly each year…

Below are the all the puja pandals or Durga idols I saw this year…

Just click on each pic for a better view…and ENJOY!!!