Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

The seasons surely are changing dynamically this year. Well, for a person residing in the coastal city of India, Mumbai…..it is getting relatively difficult to judge if its finally winters or is the October heat still on an extension 😦

Got this pic last year at the onset of the winters……as the mercury starts dipping; the clouds start increasing and the sky takes a beautiful crimson pallete

Onset of winters

Onset of winters

Clicked this one a few days back….it just excites me to see new life taking shape during this season

Onset of new life

Onset of new life


Clouded Closure

And after this shot, the moon was completely covered with the clouds surrounding it. Looked like a dramatic closure for an interesting climax!!

This was the best I could get from my DSLR settings. Below is the EXIF, do drop in your suggestions for getting a better shot…. 🙂


Camera: Canon EOS 55oD, 18-55mm lens
Aperture : f/11
shutter speed : 1/5s
ISO : 6400
Focal length : 55.0mm




Cloudy Skies

Wonder what is wrong with the Rain department this year?? Patches of rainfall, irritating sticky humidity and heavily cloudy sky all the time….

Cloudy Skies – Morning

Although as a Cloud Lover, I got absolutely no qualms with Rain-God, but this temperamental weather is really getting confusing to deal with.

Cloudy Skies – Evening

Well hope to have a really good spell of showers this year and the most imp clause – I don’t get wet on my way to office!! 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Lets go in Reverse Mode this time, shall we???

Saturday Night….All is well that ends well…..and a nice sweet pudding at the end of the day makes it even more nicer!! 😀

Today is Saturday…

yeah well, I know am pretty much nearing the end of it but what the heck??

Saturday Evening…Braving the hustle bustle of people returning home from work and spotting the moon amidst the crowd….serene 🙂

Today is Saturday…

and it was one hell of a day for sure

Saturday Noon…A leisure walk around the city’s bylanes and spotting interesting stuff by the roadside…cool 😛

Today is Saturday…

and it was hot,humid,clammy but total fun 😀

Saturday Morning…what better than to start the day with a sky full of white fluffy clouds and a sun shining nice and bright!! 😀

Today is Saturday…

and tomorrow is Sunday….yeah!!!

😀 😀 😀

Standing Single and Strong

Single and Strong

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone.
What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter
Footsteps even lighter
Doesn’t mean I am over cause you’re gone
You try to break me but you see
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger………

                                                                              – Kelly Clarkson

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged


The word itself gives you sense of discipline,security and an orderly feeling. Personally I do like things that are arranged in a certain/proper manner and I know a lot others who share the same viewpoint, but a break from the rule never harms anybody does it???

Different arrangements for different occasions and some just for the sake of it….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Why…even the pictures have been arranged nicely like an album…..hehehehehe

🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S: Incase the slideshow is a headache for some of you viewers…apologies guys…but dunno why am getting pretty obsessed with it 😛

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Through……….an interesting word isn’t it?? Yes, for no reason do they say that English is a funny language…I mean just take the word “through”. For each one of us, it could have multiple meanings and even more varied usages. Wow!! One word, Many Uses….

Seeing “through” something….

Being “through” with someone/something…

One thing goes “through” another…etc,etc.

So here is my collection of through:-

Through the eyes of the bystander...

This is how the city looks from the eyes of the bystander standing silently on the side-walk observing the rush,the madness and yet the solidarity of the place….

A rainbow through the clouds.....

This was completely a chance shot and even more of a chance that I spotted it for this week’s  challenge amongst all the other pics….do you see it?

Closer shot....

Well, if you still couldn’t..here is the closer shot of the above…so now can you see it or still seeing through it?? lol 😀

Freedom through the barriers...

I am through with the barriers now, I aim for the freedom of the open clear skies….I wanna live like a free bird. Is that too much to ask for?


After coming to an end to the season of festivities, I decided to rummage my collection of miscellaneous shots and it was indeed very amusing and shocking at the same time to think of all those situations when these shots were clicked. Infact, when I started to shortlist them for posting here,it dawned on me how much a single picture can speak. For every single shot, I would have a whole slideshow of memories 🙂

Lone ray of light

A very recent shot that was clicked right outside the Kali temple on the night of Diwali. It was approx 3:30AM in the morning and this single streetlight peeping through the leaves was the only source of light in the small gully. Reminded me of a similar Streetlight shot I had clicked a few months back at Talaopali

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee 😉

Well nothing much happened on this cup of coffee, except that both of us kept on gossiping like two college girls about everything under the sun….hee hee 😉 Poor girl, I didn’t even give her a chance to pose for the shot….am sure she is gonna thrash me for posting this one….Sorry Pooja 😛

Pied Piper

It was the last day of Durga puja i.e. the morning of Dassera and we were all busy in the preparations for the remaining rituals. This elderly gentleman entered the mandap prayed in front of the idol, asked permission to sit there. No one noticed him much but everyone was surprised infact some were shocked when he started playing his flute there. Trust me, the music was so melodious that if I could I would’ve captured it in this shot. Frankly speaking, I was already on my edge thinking of Maa’s visarjan and his music literally brought a tear-drop to my eyes.

Cloud patterns

Clicked more than a year back with my good old digicam Sony DSC-700. This one shot made me so nostalgic and guilty about ignoring my sweet old digicam after my SLR arrived. Infact some of my earlier best shots were all because of my digicam.

Jasminum auriculatum

The first bloom of this season adorning Mom’s garden. It was almost midnight when Mom and I noticed the flower spreading its wonderful fragrance in the room…..clciing it was an absolute delight 🙂


Flicker of hope, is it?

Load shedding is a very common and “natural” occurrence in India, so why would Mumbai be left out? Returning from a tiring day at work to get stuck mid-way in the lift, somehow getting rescued and climbing 5 floors up….only to find this single candle illuminating the whole room…phew!!

Evening of doing nothing….


Nothing better to do after a fortnight of festivities than simply lay back, have a hot steaming plate of Maggii and watch the sunset…..ahhhhh…..am loving it!! 🙂


Serene evening

Wow..its been a pretty long time since I actually got to see such beautiful hue of the sunset…lovely

Shubho Bijoya – Final

Dawn of Dusshera

 Whoa….a whole Navami night of puja pandal hopping and loads of fun around Mumbai ,then returning in the wee hours of Dashami and it just dawned on me that a week of festivites just got over and I didn’t even feel it (just like evry year)….but the gloom of D-Day was somewhat neutralised when this beautiful sunrise greeted me like a mischievous toddler peeking from the side-wall with an innocent gleam in his eyes….. 🙂


Alto worship

As per Hindu tradition, Dusshera or Dassera is supposed to be the last day of Navratri and an extremely auspicious day with a  belief that  any new venture started  on this day will bring success. Infact all the shops and house entrances are decked up with garlands made of marigold and mango leves and called “Toran”. Every machinery,vehicle,books,weapons/tools or objects  in the daily usage are worshipped. Clicked this pic of Dad worshipping the Ganesha idol in our car 🙂



Even though my eyes are burning with sleeplessness, the enthusiasm to catch up with each and every ritual on the last day surpasses it all….just like last year this is the picture when Shipra kakima was mixing the ingredients for Dadhikarma – a delightful concoction of khoi, murki, chiNre (varieties of puffed rice) curd and bananas. Yummmyyyy….


Darpan - first look

  Before the darpan could be immersed in the water for the “Darpan Visarjan” , I sneakily clicked this reflection of Maa Durga. Personally, I felt the haziness of the reflection lent a different character to the pic…needless to say, loved it 🙂


Darpan Visarjan

 Darpan Visarjan is a ritual where the priest symbolically immerses the idol, by capturing its reflection in a bowl of water and trust me each year this literally moves me to tears. The last year pic is available HERE

Sindhoor Khela

Since childhood this has always been the last ritual I participate before the Bijoya celebrations partly because I can never bear to bid farewell to Maa. Trust me, its absolute fun to watch all the married women smear the Goddess and the other idols as well as each other with sindhoor or “vermillion”, thus wishing long life for their husbands and peace and prosperity for their families.
 Well…this is where I come to an end to my Bijoya series along with the Durga Puja festivities….cannot imagine that the festival I await for a whole 365 days gets over within a flicker and the sadness of departure and farewell leaves me as teary-eyed as ever. This year after the whole night of pandal hopping, I was unable to attend the Bijoya celebrations post the visarjan and hence no pics available for the same. Incase you guys are wondering about the idol and pandal pics, well they are soon coming up on my Sound of Music blog…..be sure not to miss it 😉
Till then..Shubho Bijoya to all you and loads of thanks for all the good wishes!! 🙂 🙂 🙂