Weekly Photo Challenge – Admiration


2 days back…29th April 2016 to be precise it was International Dance Day and this week’s Photo Challenge is about Admiration….so when you add up the two, the only person I could think of was my dance idol , my Guru – Smt Nivedita Mukherjee aka Shampadi for me…

Thanks Di for being a part of my life…blessed to be your student!!


Going through my archives, I came across this shot of my dearest friend Kavya taken during her Mancha pravesh….

Submission ...to the Divine

Submission to the Divine

The last stance of “Moksha” as a finale to the dance recital and how elegantly it summarizes the whole concept of Submission.

Totally love it !!!

Bhava – A transition

As a bud blossoms elegantly into a flower, such is the beauty of the transition of a woman.

Getting ready ...

Getting ready …

From being a shy nubile girl to a woman who unmindful of rules and norms set by society sets forth  to meet her lover.

When Lovers meet:-)

Young Love

Her journey then to becoming a young mother who turns into a child herself in the presence of her little one.

Motherly Love

Motherly Love

Finally being the ultimate source of Shakti  – the Shakti that can destroy all evil that seeks to disrupt this harmonious world of hers.

Shakti - Slayer of Evil

Shakti – Slayer of Evil

A woman represents each of these facets of Love and Compassion!!

Facets of a Woman

Facets of a Woman

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Attended the Day 1 of the most eagerly awaited festival of Mumbai – Kalaghoda Arts Festival


it was simply mind-blowing!!!

Below is a picture of the numerous ones I clicked that eventful evening….many many more to follow…Overall an experience never to be missed 😀

Rama Vaidyanathan

Rama Vaidyanathan

This is what I call a “Unique” experience…

Submission to the divine

To the Lord

To the Lord

Watching Sohini dance that day was an eye-opener in many terms….first, Manipuri is really TOUGH;second only dedication and perseverance will sustain you and third no matter where you reach “Humility” should be your Primary Asset


O Beloved Krishna

O Beloved Krishna

Enthralling,captivating and Motivating 🙂



Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Trust Sara to come up with a topic that is already hovering in your mind…..Resolutions!!

New Year has always been more synonymous with “Resolutions” than with anything else as far as I can remember. Although majority of those never see the daylight beyond a couple of weeks, there springs one or two which do get through the year with grit,determination and a lot of pushing 😛

Well, this year I’ve decided to get better at my two passions – Dancing & Photography. Either I spoke real loud or much earlier than others could coz there comes a dance shooting assignment within a week of ushering the new year. What more can I ask for?

Guru-Shishya: Darshana Jhaveri and Sohini Ray

Guru-Shishya : Darshana Jhaveri and Sohini Ray …sharing a light moment!!

It is very rare to get a Guru-Shishya (Teacher-student in Hindi) jodi as closely knit and dedicated as Darshana Ma’am and her disciple Sohini Ray. Infact, I consider it a blessing to have so closely interacted with someone as magnificient as Darshanaji and to watch Sohini perform with all her grace,finesse and sharpness is a rarity.

Darshna Jhaveriji’s Website


It may across to many people that Manipuri dance is a relatively easy and a very simple dance because of subtlety and softness that is portrayed, but trust me it is one of the most difficult dances to learn and yet not so popular as the regular Bharatnayam, Kathak or Odissi. An hour long workshop had us questioning our stamina and balance 😛

Sohini Ray’s Website


I have almost a hundred pictures that were simply stunning, but alas cannot post them all. But the sheer joy of shooting  two awesome ladies whose basic personality exudes warmth,humility and sincerity is something I cannot explain in a mere post.

Happy New Year to you all 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge – My 2012 in Pictures

A  year that will be a milestone in all aspects…..

A year that will forever be etched in my heart……..

A year that started new phases and  closed old chapters…….

And a year  that taught me a lot about myself than all the previous years could together 😀

Bye Bye 2012 :-D

Bye Bye 2012 😀

A year that gave me lots to cry for and loads to rejoice….

A year that made me proud but more to be ashamed of 😦

A year that I bade goodbye with loads of happiness and joy 😛

A year that I bade goodbye with a hope that 2013 brings ten-fold happiness and peace

Bye  Bye 2012

2013…here I come!!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Superstars – Grand Finale

Disclaimer: Don’t let their smiles and charm fool you…they are the most truant,moody,arrogant,bullying and talented batch of superstars…

Smiling Star…

She is the youngest in the group and yet is the senior most of us all…. 😉

Shy Star

This leggy lass just pretends to be shy….she is infact the notorious one 😉

Stylish Star

Ohhh yeah..never a hair out of place or a nail chipped….the fashion diva 😛

Sophisticated Star

This femme fatale has her own air of sophistication..that is hard to ignore 😉

And finally the most bullying stars….hehehehe

Bully Group

Yes, you mess with them and you wish you never had….awesome ladies, I tell you!!

There are many others who deserve the superstar spot in this humble gallery of mine….but alas, I haven’t got their pictures with me 😦