What do you see ..?


Smoke can tell a lot if you care to see it closely. Shot this during the preps fora stage show and could spot lot of things in the smoke….can you??!!



Recently covered the 1st birthday party of one of my clients kid and it was a straight roller coaster ride to my childhood days when the birthday cake was the target for each kid in the room even more than the one whose birthday it was….lol..!!

Realized that so much changed in the past few decades and honestly innocence is much smarter now..yeah that’s what I said. Nonetheless, I loved having a piece of those yummy superheroes especially in Pineapple flavour…..hmmmmmmmm…..wowww


and they are Yummy too…!!!

Bye Bye Bappa…!!!

He arrives and brings with him the start of the festive season….

Bappa 3.JPG

Ganpati Bappa Morya..!!!

There are various myths, stories and tales about our beloved Elephant-head and each one of them is a legend in itself. Growing up in the western part of the country, this particular festival has been of huge significance in my life and there are in-numerous fond memories entwined with Bappa and his birthday 🙂


Visarjan yatra

Now that he is on his way back, wishing that he would return faster the next year with more abundance, prosperity and joys…..We’ll miss you…C u soon 😦



Sunshine with a dash of hurricane..!!

Too big for Mom's shoes

Big Dreams, Small Feet 🙂

Clicking this picture of the cute lil girl trying to walk in her Mom’s shoes reminded me of my childhood when I would try to emulate my mother in every possible way. Would try to dress up like her, put on the makeup like she did and to walk in her heels. In fact I know lots of girls out there in my friends list who had the same aspirations while growing up…!!

I guess every little cute-looking girl out there is the perfect combination of

“Sunshine with a dash of hurricane”

Monday Blues …. literally..!!


Again from the archives…. This particular flower is called “Aparajita/Shankhpushp” (Butterfly pea) and is a certain favourite of my mother. It is believed to be used as an offering to Lord Shiva and the name Shankhpushp is self-explanatory (Shankh=Conch , Pushp=Flower…. Shaped like a Conch). The one that I have posted is a hybrid of the actual flower and hence you’ll see the petals are more curled.