Let the Show begin…!!

Lighting the Diya

Decked up Diya…. Curtains down…..Performers Ready….the Bell rings and the stage is set for the show to Begin…!!!

Clicked this one on my IPhone 6 and was surprised that it turned out good given the lights weren’t so bright. 

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Last rays of the sun...

Ray of Hope…

Lazing by poolside when I caught this moment little did I think that it would turn out spectacular….love the pink circles giving a definiton to the ray of light…

Bhava – A transition

As a bud blossoms elegantly into a flower, such is the beauty of the transition of a woman.

Getting ready ...

Getting ready …

From being a shy nubile girl to a woman who unmindful of rules and norms set by society sets forth Β to meet her lover.

When Lovers meet:-)

Young Love

Her journey then to becoming a young mother who turns into a child herself in the presence of her little one.

Motherly Love

Motherly Love

Finally being the ultimate source of Shakti Β – the Shakti that can destroy all evil that seeks to disrupt this harmonious world of hers.

Shakti - Slayer of Evil

Shakti – Slayer of Evil

A woman represents each of these facets of Love and Compassion!!

Facets of a Woman

Facets of a Woman