Weekly Photo Challenge : Pedestrian

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Honestly this was one of the prompts that I used to eagerly wait every single week till a couple of years back and I hardly missed posting any during that time. But then, priorities got shifted and I lost touch. Yesterday, while going through my archives, I happened to read one of my WPC posts and I knew the next step right then and there…!!!

So here it is, my humble attempt to interpret a tricky topic for this week’s WPC – “Pedestrian” 

Till now, Pedestrian the word related to mostly Street and its life and street photography has always been interesting for me…so here is my version 


WPC - Pedestrian

Bored to Sleep

Well, spotted this old lady sitting right in front of Gateway of India and unaffected to the chaos and crowd around her. Infact, with the habit of carrying bottles, there was hardly anyone in the crowd buying water from her. Bored and tired from her pedestrian routine,  she finally dozed off to a good 10-min nap.  

Taking a cure from Krista’s point of view and in continuation with the earlier shot, would like to share a picture of a historical place which is “Anything but Pedestrian” – Gateway of India

WPC - Pedestrian 2

Gateway of India – Anything but Pedestrian

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Let the Show begin…!!

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Lighting the Diya

Decked up Diya…. Curtains down…..Performers Ready….the Bell rings and the stage is set for the show to Begin…!!!

Clicked this one on my IPhone 6 and was surprised that it turned out good given the lights weren’t so bright. 

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Admiration

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2 days back…29th April 2016 to be precise it was International Dance Day and this week’s Photo Challenge is about Admiration….so when you add up the two, the only person I could think of was my dance idol , my Guru – Smt Nivedita Mukherjee aka Shampadi for me…

Thanks Di for being a part of my life…blessed to be your student!!

Bhava – A transition

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As a bud blossoms elegantly into a flower, such is the beauty of the transition of a woman.

Getting ready ...

Getting ready …

From being a shy nubile girl to a woman who unmindful of rules and norms set by society sets forth  to meet her lover.

When Lovers meet:-)

Young Love

Her journey then to becoming a young mother who turns into a child herself in the presence of her little one.

Motherly Love

Motherly Love

Finally being the ultimate source of Shakti  – the Shakti that can destroy all evil that seeks to disrupt this harmonious world of hers.

Shakti - Slayer of Evil

Shakti – Slayer of Evil

A woman represents each of these facets of Love and Compassion!!

Facets of a Woman

Facets of a Woman

Weekly Photo Challenge – My 2012 in Pictures

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A  year that will be a milestone in all aspects…..

A year that will forever be etched in my heart……..

A year that started new phases and  closed old chapters…….

And a year  that taught me a lot about myself than all the previous years could together 😀

Bye Bye 2012 :-D

Bye Bye 2012 😀

A year that gave me lots to cry for and loads to rejoice….

A year that made me proud but more to be ashamed of 😦

A year that I bade goodbye with loads of happiness and joy 😛

A year that I bade goodbye with a hope that 2013 brings ten-fold happiness and peace

Bye  Bye 2012

2013…here I come!!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

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Frankly speaking, Green is my least favourite colour when it  comes to making choices for my wardrobe…. 😛

Having said that, I totally love the hues of Green the nature is painted in especially during the monsoons….its just refreshing and healing in the least!!

Sorry to be not able to capture “Out of the Box”,but below is my collection of “Greeny” captures….

It’s green down the road….

Clicked during one of my weekend early morning trips to the local Joggers’ Park, I found this pair of leaves clicked as it is on the border of the lake….made me pretty philosophical though!!

Wet and……Green

This was clicked in Mom’s garden during the onset of monsoons this year….one of my fav captures 🙂

Dash of green

This was clicked on my way back from one of my cycling trips. The twig belongs to the “Tulsi” plant , considered as one of the holiest plants in the Hindu rituals and to spot this lying on the ground among the dust, brought an ironic smile to my face!!


Playing with Colours ….. II


In continuation to my design series, well here is the second and the  final part.


Rangoli is an art of adorning houses with numerous dry colours which are mostly in powder form. It is a popular tradition in Western India and designs generally depict various floral motifs,birds, Gods and mythological  stories.

As usual Ragini came up with a brilliant piece of Rangoli art…..kudos to the girl

Shivaji Maharaj


Well, the festive season is almost over and even the decorations are coming down, the bottles of goodies are nearing empty and I am already too sick of sweets and pharal 😉

Happy Diwali to all of you!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Shubho Bijoya 2012


A collection of myriad images I came across this year during the Durga puja festivities…….each one represents a flavour of the festive season!!

This is the finale post in the Durga puja series 🙂

Lamp and flower

Shine like the lamp but remain humble like the flower at the feet

Offering prayers

Have faith in what you believe in


The ghat that separates the God from the mortals

Mahishasur — the Demon

Existence of Evil is necessary to understand the Importance of Good

Shubho Bijoya to everyone…..!!!