I, Me and Myself

Dance – a passion I cherish as much as I breathe

Music – a pathway to salvation….the intricacies don’t really matter as long as it helps me relax

Rhythm – a necessity for living…without it there is no meaning to the rest

Nature – maintains the sense of gratitude for able to enjoy something worth living for.

Observations is an outlet for all the silly and important things I came across in the walk of my life….some make me better while some spoil me for the best 😉 Although an amateur in this field, I am still learning  a lot and aspire to be better with each shot 🙂 Just trying to portray a world through my eyes with a hope they turn out beautiful as I progress……

My FB Page : @aditimitraphotography

My Instagram handler : @mitradik


A big thanks to my Dad…..the biggest motivation for my photgraphy..had it not been for him encouraging me to click even the most vague shot as a toddler, I wouldn’t have realized the zeal to capture the beautiful moments of life.


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