Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

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Frankly speaking, Green is my least favourite colour when it  comes to making choices for my wardrobe…. 😛

Having said that, I totally love the hues of Green the nature is painted in especially during the monsoons….its just refreshing and healing in the least!!

Sorry to be not able to capture “Out of the Box”,but below is my collection of “Greeny” captures….

It’s green down the road….

Clicked during one of my weekend early morning trips to the local Joggers’ Park, I found this pair of leaves clicked as it is on the border of the lake….made me pretty philosophical though!!

Wet and……Green

This was clicked in Mom’s garden during the onset of monsoons this year….one of my fav captures 🙂

Dash of green

This was clicked on my way back from one of my cycling trips. The twig belongs to the “Tulsi” plant , considered as one of the holiest plants in the Hindu rituals and to spot this lying on the ground among the dust, brought an ironic smile to my face!!



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