Aqualife 2012

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Waking up early on Sunday morning and getting ready to visit an exhibition is an herculean task atleast by my standards(which are pretty high!!) 😉

So last week, when some of my friends mentioned about this aqua exhibition “Aqua Life 2012”  held in the city college, I decided to go for it atleast for my camera’s sake. Well, forgoing my beauty sleep didn’t wear me off that much as did the heat,humidity and long waiting period 😦

Waiting and waiting and waiting……

To be frank, the exhibition was sort of a downer for grown-up kids like myself. There are a couple of reasons to this other than the basic variety of fishes  displayed. First of all, it really pisses me off to make kids waiting and secondly when you are running a ticketed show, please make sure you’ve enough counters and staff to handle the crowd already heated up due to the long waiting period.

Cool Dude like Dad 😉

Yeah, Anikait (my friend’s son) was one happy fellow with just two words in his vocab for the day – Turtle and Fish.

Playing around with him was the fun part!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, I know am getting kind of cribby here, but with the low lighting, these shots were the best I could manage…..

so guys, enjoy the slideshow

😀 😀 “Happy Fishing!!” 😀 😀

P.S: We didn’t have fish fry that afternoon…for lunch 😛


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