Feline Fetish…

Cats have always been my favourites….and inspite of the universal debate as to which is a better pet – dog or cat?…I have for some reason always preferred this felines more πŸ™‚

Is that a fish-bone?

Spotted this one sitting along the pathway near one of the lakes and had a ball of a time playing around with it. If this picture says a bit, it had a pretty superstar attitude πŸ˜‰

Those eyes….wooh!!

Couldn’t resist clicking with a flash and those eyes…whoa…..they really shine out!!

Notice how her skin colour mixes so well with the background….must be an advantage for her to stealthily sneak up and steal a fish or two!!

Β Although, I haven’t still been able to get one myself…but I do wish I to pet a beautiful black Siamese cat someday πŸ˜›


4 thoughts on “Feline Fetish…

    1. Ohh yes….the model had a lot of tantrums (goodies to eat) and demands(read pamper) that the photographer had to put up with to get a few shots ;-)….phew!!


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