Superstars – Grand Finale

Disclaimer: Don’t let their smiles and charm fool you…they are the most truant,moody,arrogant,bullying and talented batch of superstars…

Smiling Star…

She is the youngest in the group and yet is the senior most of us all…. 😉

Shy Star

This leggy lass just pretends to be shy….she is infact the notorious one 😉

Stylish Star

Ohhh yeah..never a hair out of place or a nail chipped….the fashion diva 😛

Sophisticated Star

This femme fatale has her own air of sophistication..that is hard to ignore 😉

And finally the most bullying stars….hehehehe

Bully Group

Yes, you mess with them and you wish you never had….awesome ladies, I tell you!!

There are many others who deserve the superstar spot in this humble gallery of mine….but alas, I haven’t got their pictures with me 😦


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