Superstars – 2

Well in continuation to my Superstar series, here comes the second batch of superstars…

Superstar#2 – ZANGO (the speedy Tortoise)

Indian Star Tortoise

Even his generic name has got the word “Star” in it… 😉

Trying to slide off…

I have never seen such a restless tortoise in my life….it was a big task to keep Zango at one place just to get a single shot…phew!!

Resting on my Palm

And he is so small….I mean exactly the size of my felt so ticklish when he started to walk around my palm trying to figure the way ahead….hehehehe

Tortoise and the Lil girl

Well, its difficult to say who looks more cuter…obviously Ananya takes the point with her adorable smile…Sorry Zango…watsay??


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