Superstars – 1

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Although it was my regular dance rehearsal, I decided to make things more interesting by carrying my SLR alongwith me to the class ( the monsoon!!)

Well, since the class was at Shraoshee’s place and they have an awesome collection of pets – 1 black cocker spaniel (Punto), 2 parrots, 1 lovebird, 1 Indian star tortoise and a couple of goldfish; I thought I might get a few candid snaps as well….atleast till their dog doesn’t bite me 😉

Instead of putting all the pictures at one go and spoiling the fun, let me start with a few at a time…I mean a house full of superstars (humans not counting), everybody sure deserves a proper coverage 😛

Superstar#1 – PUNTO  (the Cocky Spaniel)


Yup..he started with that 😛

Pampered mutt

I mean seriously….well, he is treated as the Son of the family and you haev to see the way Aunty pampers him..Man, am jealous 😦

Phew…am so tired!!

Ohhh no….don’t be fooled by that  “awww”some expression. He is every bit of a con dog and this “I-am-so-tired” look lasted for exactly 20 seconds before he was jumping,barking and licking all over the place… 😀

Watch out this space for more on the “Superstar” series!!

P.S:  An interesting fact — Punto was the only male member in the whole house today…Lol!! 😀 😀 😀


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