Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

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A very unusual topic and yet it is one of the colours I am really fascinated with:


After lying low for more than a week with a bad bout of viral :-(, I decided that I had enough and that I need to do something really different this time round. For the last two days, the only word that has been going around my head has been “Purple” and all of a sudden my eyes seem to be spotting the colour in every single thing I’ve been looking at…..hehehehe..

Purple series — Shot #1

My search ended well right beneath my nose….ohh no, not literally!! 😛

Was it coincidence or did Mom just buy a new water tub in “Purple” last week?? Yiipeeeeeee 😀 😀 😀

Purple series — Shot #2

Is that the face of a angry man in the center of the ripple or just a figment of my imagination??

So with nothing better to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon, I decided to catch some water shots….and here they are..

Purple series — Shot #3



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