Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

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Wow this surely has got to be my fastest entry to the  Weekly Photography Challenge and boy am I elated to find a topic that I am really getting hooked on slowly!!

Street Photography has got that single element which makes it the most alluring to me – “Impromptu”. It is as if you are always on your toes to spot some weeny stuff at the next turn and you don’t even know what it is 😉

Taken across three different trips “down the lane”….each one represents one quality that the “Streets” teach you

Mind your own business

Mind your own business

This picture was taken rather stealthily when I was just walking down the roads in the Fort area, Mumbai. Oblivious to the hustle-bustle around him (see the background), this shoe-polish vendor was leisurely having his modest lunch. Loved the fact that the evening sun aptly put in the spotlight.

Business doesn’t know Religion

Religion vs Business

This picture was taken outside the Talaopali lake, Thane during the Maghi Ganpati visarjan. Ganpati (Hindu deity) is fervently worshipped by the Hindus and to spot this Muslim gentleman walking nonchalantly through the hoardes of people , selling his goodies struck me as a nice irony!! Hence the caption….

Right Attitude Matters

Right Attitude

This picture was taken while I was stuck in a traffic jam. It seems the ball with which these boys were playing  cricket went on the road and taken by one of the bikers. The attitude in his poise (hands on his waist) and the look in his eyes was what caught my fancy. It was as if nothing bothered the boy except for his ball….awesome!!

As I was about to finish this post , I remembered an old picture I had taken while sitting in a taxi and zooming past the Fashion street in Mumbai. Love the way the shot has turned out….Fast Lane . Guess, this can be rightly called as the “Fleeting Moment”


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