Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

“Close” to my heart:

Close to heart

Am not a gadget freak…but my prized “iPod” and my DSLR are the only gadgets “Close” to my heart (and the costliest too ;-)) . Although my iPod follows me literally everywhere, I regret not being able to carry my DSLR all the time 😦

Went “Close” to:

Too Close for Comfort

By now, I know for sure that houseflies are the most patient of all insects I have seen till date, but it seems I went too “Close” for comfort  to this one, coz the next millisecond it vanished!! 😛 Seriously need to improve my poaching/shooting skills 😉

Are “Close-st”:




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17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

  1. Canon SX 40 HS – check this baby out – not as good as a DSLR – but comes pretty close. The best thing – it weighs about 500gm and goes from 24-840mm (35X superzoom). I invested in one and very happy cuz I can take it for hikes/treks and almost anywhere I want – plus no need to change lenses 🙂 yay! I think it will be a good complement to your DSLR (since you regret not being able to carry it everywhere!)
    check out the moonshot in my cover photos I took using this camera 🙂


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  5. I don’t have an iPod, and even if I did, it would not go everywhere with me. When I’m away from the computer, there’s a reason. Now my Canon 550D? That’s a different story. My friends think I had a surgeon surgically attach it to my hand because it is with me 24/7. Never more than a foot away.


    • That is so nice Russel….I wish I could carry my DSLR just about everywhere…and there have been moments when I’ve cursed myself for not being able to capture a particular shot!! As for my iPod, it gives me my much needed seclusion in the maddening crowd 😛


      • Seclusion in the maddening crowd? Is that why I see families of five out eating at a restaurant, except that no one is eating. Each has his own iPod or iPhone and is busy doing everything except eating and interacting with the family. So sad.


        • Well the situation you mentioned is saddening but unfortunately true…I have seen the same when I meet my friends too….drives me crazy!! I guess the seclusion I was talking about was more of the “Me” time I get during my travelling hours.I don’t know but playing music I like, somehow works in a meditative way for my thoughts. It does go overboard when it intrudes you social life….guess that’s the reason Facebook is so popular 😉


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