Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

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“Close” to my heart:

Close to heart

Am not a gadget freak…but my prized “iPod” and my DSLR are the only gadgets “Close” to my heart (and the costliest too ;-)) . Although my iPod follows me literally everywhere, I regret not being able to carry my DSLR all the time 😦

Went “Close” to:

Too Close for Comfort

By now, I know for sure that houseflies are the most patient of all insects I have seen till date, but it seems I went too “Close” for comfort  to this one, coz the next millisecond it vanished!! 😛 Seriously need to improve my poaching/shooting skills 😉

Are “Close-st”:




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17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

  1. rather can reduce your weight a little, so that the ground doesn’t shake when you approach the fly 😛

    Nice click 🙂


  2. Canon SX 40 HS – check this baby out – not as good as a DSLR – but comes pretty close. The best thing – it weighs about 500gm and goes from 24-840mm (35X superzoom). I invested in one and very happy cuz I can take it for hikes/treks and almost anywhere I want – plus no need to change lenses 🙂 yay! I think it will be a good complement to your DSLR (since you regret not being able to carry it everywhere!)
    check out the moonshot in my cover photos I took using this camera 🙂


  3. I don’t have an iPod, and even if I did, it would not go everywhere with me. When I’m away from the computer, there’s a reason. Now my Canon 550D? That’s a different story. My friends think I had a surgeon surgically attach it to my hand because it is with me 24/7. Never more than a foot away.


    1. That is so nice Russel….I wish I could carry my DSLR just about everywhere…and there have been moments when I’ve cursed myself for not being able to capture a particular shot!! As for my iPod, it gives me my much needed seclusion in the maddening crowd 😛


      1. Seclusion in the maddening crowd? Is that why I see families of five out eating at a restaurant, except that no one is eating. Each has his own iPod or iPhone and is busy doing everything except eating and interacting with the family. So sad.


        1. Well the situation you mentioned is saddening but unfortunately true…I have seen the same when I meet my friends too….drives me crazy!! I guess the seclusion I was talking about was more of the “Me” time I get during my travelling hours.I don’t know but playing music I like, somehow works in a meditative way for my thoughts. It does go overboard when it intrudes you social life….guess that’s the reason Facebook is so popular 😉


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