Sunday Dessert :-)

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The last episode of Junior Masterchef was so so inspiring that I really felt like a novice in the kitchen compared to those super-genius toddlers  😦

Sunday Dessert

With nothing better to do on the weekend and watching the Chefs teach the kids a delicious dessert, I tried to utilize my Sunday evening and give it a shot. But then, getting similar ingredients turned out to be quite a fight… 😦

Well, not one to give up so easily, Mom and I racked our brains, tweaked the recipe to the stuff we had at hand and dished out a customized yummy dessert 😀

Alright, I know that even after such an endless blabbering,  I have to yet give out the name of the dish…so here it is

“Kesar-Pista Yoghurt Pannacotta with Mango Jelly”

The original dish was

“Vanilla Yoghurt Pannacotta with Raspberry Jelly “

and the entire recipe is here:


8 thoughts on “Sunday Dessert :-)

  1. I’ve never experimented in the kitchen so far but it sure does sound like fun! lovely picture to go with the theme!


    1. Hey Janice….trust me each time I saw something similar on T.V I used to wonder the same…but now I find making stuff relatively easy (and tasty too!!) 😀


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