Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse

Sherlock Holmes: Uh, hmm… Right. Where are the wagons?
Madam Simza Heron: The wagon is too slow. Can’t you ride?
Dr. John Watson: It’s not that he can’t ride… How is it you put it, Holmes?
Sherlock Holmes: They’re dangerous at both ends and… crafty in the middle. Why would I want anything with a mind of its own bobbing about between my legs?

Yes the caption has nothing to do with the dialogues beneath it….but then nowadays whenever I hear the word “horse”, those are the only lines that flash through my mind and of course Robert Downey Jr too 😉


3 thoughts on “Trojan Horse

  1. Nice match up of multiple interpretations of “horse”….
    But Robert Downey Jr …. ouch … I have been a Sherlock Holmes fan since childhood. However Robert Downey movie looked like the narcissitic Iron Man getting into Sherlock Holmes’ shoes…. It was an complete mess made out of the Sherlock holmes we have read or watched when kids…Nevertheless I guess for women / girls RD has some charm … I did quite like Irene Adler (don’t remember the actresses name) in the same movie though.


    1. each to his own taste…infact I saw RD Jr first as Sherlock and then as Iron Man and still haven’t got any complaints…infact kinda liked the chutzpah he brought to S.H’s character. However, all said I somehow wanted to see Johnny Depp as S.H 😛


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