Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

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And I thought that they forgot about this week’s challenge topic 😛

Okay, its a hot sweltering summer in this part of the world right now, so “Blue” is just the right word to evoke a sense of  coolness around. I mean what better than to laze around in a pool sipping an icy-cool lemonade and soaking in the chillness of the cool blue water around you …… Wow!! Alas…the poolside idea is a distant dream for time being 😦

Although I hate to repeat my posts….but this one was a total winner…

Bluish Sun

Sunny Blue for all of you (wow that rhymes too!!)

Well incase you are wondering where you saw this pic earlier….here is the link to the previous post….SUN

Another one from my floral collections and the only blue flower I have clicked till date is the one below…

Blue flower

Does anyone know the name of this flower?? Whatever it maybe, it surely looks pretty Blue 🙂


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