Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

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With the scorching summer on and the blistering heat frying away the days, the least favourite thing in the universe right now for me is the SUN 😦

Hence when I read this time’s topic for the W.P.C, the first reaction that came was a big “Ohh No!!”….but well, challenges are meant to be faced and here I was face-to-face with my current adversity….SUN 😀

Below is the collection of 4 of the SUN-shots I have taken over the period irrespective of the season 😛

Rising Sun - First Glance

Have always been an admirer of Sunsets more than Sunrises (they are way too early), but my morning cyclathon took me to this small lake right in the heart of the city and to focus the camera and shoot the first glance of the sun made my Sunday a literally Sunny Day 😀

Tinted Sun

This picture was shot a few years back with my Dad’s Nokia N73 on our way to Pune. Shot through the window panes of a moving car, I simply fell in love with the bluish hue it gave to the entire frame…..finally I painted the Sun BLUE!!! hehehehehe 😉

Race to the Sun - Chariots on Fire

This was shot on the Kelwa beach a year back using my modest Nokia-E5 and am so glad it turned out just the way I wanted it to. This was the time when I had decided to get a DSLR for myself!!

Washed away Sun

This shot was taken on the slope down my office after a long day’s work 😛

Had nothing but my handy Sony Ericsson J20i to capture this lovely moment…felt as if the Sun was literally washed away by the clouds 🙂

P.S: Now that I posted these pictures, it was pretty coincidental that except for the first one, all the remaining pictures were taken by my mobile phones at some point or other (have lost two of them by now)


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