Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

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Two Subjects


One Picture

“Weekly Photo Challenge” has always been something I look forward to every Friday now…..the best part is when I get a picture of my choice and the added bonus when others share the same sentiment and appreciate the shot!! 🙂

I knew that this shot had to be the one when I was searching through my collection and trust me each time I see it, I simply go in splits….lol 😀

Two Subjects - Dad and Cake

Taken a few months back when I gave a surprise dinner treat to both Mom and Dad. Was about to take a nice picture of the yummy cake which we got as a complimentary dessert from the restro and Dad’s childish delight at the sight of it was simply priceless…mwah…Love you Dad!!

Two different subjects and yet bound in a single shot, a single moment!!

 😀 😀 😀

P.S: On an afterthought, I remember a rather similar picture (2nd shot) I had posted in my first entry for the WPC….here it is



46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

    1. Yes gobetween….I always try to capture such moments or more to create them…keeps the fun alive amidst all the tensions and quarrels


  1. @A.M.
    Since a whole lot of appreciation has already preceded this comment, I am going to play the critic….
    Could you have adjust the “depth of field” a little better so that the expression of interest could have appeared sharp 😛 ?….
    Anyways nice pic. Keep them coming.


    1. well…..Shanbhag…the whole point was to actually keep him out of focus….but then…will try to keep your suggestion going ahead .thanks buddy….critics like you help to keep me focused 😉


    1. Yes island traveler……that particular dinner is one of the fondest memories I have of the rare family outings we have nowadays 😛


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