Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

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Through……….an interesting word isn’t it?? Yes, for no reason do they say that English is a funny language…I mean just take the word “through”. For each one of us, it could have multiple meanings and even more varied usages. Wow!! One word, Many Uses….

Seeing “through” something….

Being “through” with someone/something…

One thing goes “through” another…etc,etc.

So here is my collection of through:-

Through the eyes of the bystander...

This is how the city looks from the eyes of the bystander standing silently on the side-walk observing the rush,the madness and yet the solidarity of the place….

A rainbow through the clouds.....

This was completely a chance shot and even more of a chance that I spotted it for this week’s  challenge amongst all the other pics….do you see it?

Closer shot....

Well, if you still couldn’t..here is the closer shot of the above…so now can you see it or still seeing through it?? lol 😀

Freedom through the barriers...

I am through with the barriers now, I aim for the freedom of the open clear skies….I wanna live like a free bird. Is that too much to ask for?


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

  1. Like the first and the last photograph.
    Regards the rainbow after a lot of effort I did see a slight tinge of different colour passing through the clouds …. but seriously is that really a rainbow …guess the camera falls behind human vision sometimes….


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