Insect-o-pedia – I

Creepy, Weird, Scary, Crawly….but Colourful

Although I really never had any fascination for these multi-appendage species, somehow over the years, I’ve had my small collection of them.

As Prajwal(my school buddy) says…Welcome to Keedagiri

Knight of Darkness

Am really not a Peeping Tom, but couldn’t stop myself from intruding their private moment ……sorry guys  😛

Love is in the air

Perched on my arm and thriving on my blood, this is one species I detest the most….yeeewwww. Don’t blame me, he had the newspaper coming right at him…phataaakkk



Nothing much to write about except that this gentleman kept me company all through the evening and even posed nicely for the shots 😉

Gentleman Moth


And you thought, am done already….well…watch this space more for the second post in the series 🙂


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