Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

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Since I’ve started participating in the weekly photo challenges, Fridays have become much more interesting. Really. This week’s topic is actually Quite an interesting one especially for a camera enthusiast.

I always knew I was bad at choosing between this and that, but things got clearer this time when I had to choose between two of my self portraits. Talk of indecisiveness!!

Latest Me

No co-incidence meant here, but this picture was taken exactly a week back from today and much before this topic was announced. Am I happy or surprised or plain intuitive? All 🙂

Not completely satisfied with the above shot and about to finish this post somewhat, I decided to go back to my photo collection and fish around for “the self-portrait” I must have taken sometime and Voila!!

At peace with self

Taken over 3 years back (much before I could afford a SLR) with my good old Sony Cybershot DSC-S700, I can still remember the rainy evening when I had taken this shot. Being the kind of hyper-active person that I am, sitting still at one place and that too peacefully alone is a miraculous feat by itself. However, ever since that particular evening, this place at the gallery overlooking the city has been my “corner-of-the-house” spot.

“You know you’re a photographer when you have thousands of pictures and you’re not in any of them”


41 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

    1. thanks for the compliment dear 🙂 and trust me I haven’t still given up my digicam…infact it is still the most trustworthy friend I rely on for the sneaky shots 😉


  1. i do not understand the technicalities of photography but both these pictures say that there is a lot more to it than just clicks. With or without a DSLR, the photographer was always there.


  2. Loved the quote at the bottom. I’m not a photography, but very sympathetic. Is it bad that most of my photos feature clouds?

    I really like the older photo. Timeless.


    1. thanks Shuchi dear….lekin yeh meri original nahi hai and I dnt remember the source as well…btw…pics ke baare me to kuch bola hi nahi tune 😛


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