Day at Dance….. Wow!!


Ask any IT engineer and he/she will tell you the luxury of a idle sleepy weekend after chasing endless deadlines and mails over innumerable cups of tea/coffee from Monday dawn to Friday night.

But ask me and I will say, weekend is better spent when am attending a dance show or best when am myself dancing 🙂 Had a day-long dance workshop this weekend (10th Dec 2011) held at Smitalay by Aloka Kanungo. After much contemplation, I went for the workshop for the sheer experience of learning it from a dancer of such a great repute. I think I will let my pictures do the talking!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was an amazing experience to share space with such talented dancers around me and more because I learnt a completely new item esp an abhinaya item. Well, the experience is just too refreshing for me to finish off in this single bunch of pictures. Will soon post a well-detailed post about the entire experience

P.S: It was that evening when I noticed the Lunar eclipse (last for this year) on my way back home. Pics of that will be up in the next post 😛


12 thoughts on “Day at Dance….. Wow!!

    1. ohhh….dear the pics are in a slideshow…wonder why you are not able to see them….maybe some plugins weren’t present on the computer you were using….let me know if you still face the problem..will mail you the pics 🙂


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