Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

Frankly speaking, when I read the topic, I was a bit confused(not about the meaning) but as to which of my pics would render the emotion to the hilt. Turned out, I had a tie between two of my very favourite pics and hence I decided to publish both 😛


Clicked this picture when strolling besides the famous Talaopali lake situated right in the heart of the city. This is supposedly the busiest road on weekends with innumerous vehicles zapping up and down and all the crowd jostling in between. Amidst all the hustle bustle, you can see this row of horsecarts or tangas(hindi) waiting patiently for some young enthusiastic customer who fancies an antique horse ride…. 🙂

Am waiting Boss...

🙂 😀 🙂

LOL…just cannot stop laughing each time I come across this pic. This shot taken during my ex-colleague Vishal Shanbhag’s  (wide-eyed one) farewell party at Pizza hut around 9 months back. No matter how poised and smiling Deb(our manager) is for the camera shot, Shanbhag was shamelessly waiting to pounce on the tempting chocolate brownie in front of him. I definitely count this one as “hungrily” waiting….hehehehe 😉


30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

  1. Wow … lots of comments for one expression …
    Thanks AM for posting this one .. (did not know this pic of mine existed until yesterday)…

    From a blogger – photographer perspective though .. I think the horse carriage is a perfect entry for “Waiting”…
    Its kind of like a horse carriage stuck in a time warp …Waiting oblivious to the world moves ahead at speed of light …The monochrome coloring only adds to more to the emotion of Wait….


    1. well,well….whom do we have here? the model himself with his ever priceless comments. Btw…loved the way you described the carriage pic…better than mine 🙂


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