Random spree….

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Although this was a pretty dormant week in comparison to the past ones that I had, I still managed to click a few random stuff around the house 😛

Difficult to stay idle, eh??

Timely capture

Wanted to give the wall clock an old ancient look…something like those old grandpa styled clocks we see in the movies ….

Profile shot

Well, my friendly pigeon couple are almost always there to oblige me with a shot or two when I have just nothing else to shoot…..thank you dear!!

Do you see a face??

Well……..do you??

It is really that tinnnnnyyyy

The most interesting part was to shoot this sweet little spider when it was wandering on the book I was reading. I could only make it out from a speck of dust coz it was moving else it was about to be squashed badly…

Little Miss Muffet's fright

Btw….even after I was lying flat on the floor and trying to get a clear shot of the spider for approx 30 min, my Mom still couldn’t differentiate between the spider and the dust particle besides it 😛


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