Still Euphoric …. :-D

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Well, the post would be incomplete if I do not include some of the other fellas who made the event a big success as well. Ohh no, am no speaker for Qureka but the effort I saw these guys putting in as well was simply superb!!

Laptop or Harmonium

I am quite not sure what exactly Prashant a.k. Babloo was trying to do with his laptop…..didn’t know laptops come with an inbuilt harmonium as well….hehehehehe 😉

Host (Nikhil ) and Celebrity (Palash Sen)

Nikhil a.k.a Niks surely deserves a big round of applause for not only giving up his house for the whole chat event but also being such a gracious host with all the yummy sandwiches and the tasty guava juices being served around. You can judge the excitement from his smile when he got his guitar signed by Palash 🙂


Need I say more??

Qureka and Palash Sen

(L-R) Payal Shah, Dr. Palash Sen, Mukti Mohan, Avinash Anandan, Prashant Besekar

This was right after the whole chat event got over and ek group picture to banta hai yaar!!

"Happy" Mac Couple

Awww… speechless…. God bless you both!!

Btw….did you notice that even Avinash got his Mac book signed by Palash…talk of being crazzzzy fans!!


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