Euphoric….. :-)

Although the event is a week old, the feeling has yet to sink in fully. An old buddy and his new fiancee, a new venture, a famous talented singer with his new album and loads of fun and laughter!! Superb Wednesday…I must say.

So instead ofย  boring you guys with my chatter, let me publish a few of the snaps of the wonderful evening that I got to spend with the amazing Dr. Palash Sen (lead singer of Euphoria band) , gorgeous Mukti Mohan and my buddies (Payal and Avinash)

"What is Qureka?"

After a hectic shoot, Palash seemed visibly tired but none of that showed in his attitude… that!!

Item - the latest from the Euphoria stable

First look of Euphoria’s latest album – Item…..a totally funky compilation with a rustic touch…

Gorgeous Mukti Mohan ๐Ÿ™‚

The lead actress for their latest video – C U Later…..the very gorgeous and young Mukti Mohan…she literally had all our guys swooning over her ;-)…Poor gal was almost in a half-sleepy state by the time the chat came to an end !!

Palash and his moods

Well, the photographer in me could not just give up the chance of clicking Palash in such a close distance and capture his varied moods and expressions.Although most of them look serious, they mask the really witty and funny answers he came up with when interacting with the Qureka users and their absolute weird but equally funny questions.


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