Jagaddhatri Puja 2011

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Did I mention in my last post that the festivities are all over?

Jagaddhatri Maa

Jagaddhatri puja is celebrated generally after a week from Diwali in certain parts of Bengal. Just like the Ganesh puja celebrated during Navratri at Durve’s , the only family that celebrates this puja in my social circle is the Mukherjee family and they have been conducting it for years now.  A lovely family with a recent addition of an amazingly cute grandson 🙂

For more history on Jagaddhatri puja: http://www.chandannagar.com/htmlfiles/jaghistory.htm

Angelic Smile

That slight curve on his lips was the effort of hours of cajoling and ofcourse a lot of tomfoolery on his dad’s part 😛 But as you can see it was worth every single penny,dime, cent…etc etc. It was the best capture for me and I simply fell in love with the guy after spending the whole evening with him 😉

Wanna punch?

Another cute pic when he was sleeping. Well this shot was kind-of inspired by so many of the baby pictures posted on the blogs I have been following lately. Wanted the rug in the background in colour but seems fine without too 🙂

Road of lava

 Lit the lantern for a few minutes last time for this year before taking it down and this tiny visitor was already present with a few of his species. Had the camera handy and clicked the pic instantly…really don’t know why!!


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