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After coming to an end to the season of festivities, I decided to rummage my collection of miscellaneous shots and it was indeed very amusing and shocking at the same time to think of all those situations when these shots were clicked. Infact, when I started to shortlist them for posting here,it dawned on me how much a single picture can speak. For every single shot, I would have a whole slideshow of memories 🙂

Lone ray of light

A very recent shot that was clicked right outside the Kali temple on the night of Diwali. It was approx 3:30AM in the morning and this single streetlight peeping through the leaves was the only source of light in the small gully. Reminded me of a similar Streetlight shot I had clicked a few months back at Talaopali

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee 😉

Well nothing much happened on this cup of coffee, except that both of us kept on gossiping like two college girls about everything under the sun….hee hee 😉 Poor girl, I didn’t even give her a chance to pose for the shot….am sure she is gonna thrash me for posting this one….Sorry Pooja 😛

Pied Piper

It was the last day of Durga puja i.e. the morning of Dassera and we were all busy in the preparations for the remaining rituals. This elderly gentleman entered the mandap prayed in front of the idol, asked permission to sit there. No one noticed him much but everyone was surprised infact some were shocked when he started playing his flute there. Trust me, the music was so melodious that if I could I would’ve captured it in this shot. Frankly speaking, I was already on my edge thinking of Maa’s visarjan and his music literally brought a tear-drop to my eyes.

Cloud patterns

Clicked more than a year back with my good old digicam Sony DSC-700. This one shot made me so nostalgic and guilty about ignoring my sweet old digicam after my SLR arrived. Infact some of my earlier best shots were all because of my digicam.

Jasminum auriculatum

The first bloom of this season adorning Mom’s garden. It was almost midnight when Mom and I noticed the flower spreading its wonderful fragrance in the room…..clciing it was an absolute delight 🙂


Flicker of hope, is it?

Load shedding is a very common and “natural” occurrence in India, so why would Mumbai be left out? Returning from a tiring day at work to get stuck mid-way in the lift, somehow getting rescued and climbing 5 floors up….only to find this single candle illuminating the whole room…phew!!


6 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. Awesome piece of work … I could also think of an alternate title for this post – ‘Nostalgia’.

    Truly, memories – some times they haunt and sometimes they just act as your only medicine.


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