Deepavali ki hardik shubhechha (Happy Diwali) -I

First diya of Diwali

This picture reminded me of how Diwali in modern cities has shrunk to just a square foot of Rangoli and a small diya 🙂

Wanted to try something new this post and hence came up with the idea of a slideshow. I know I sound a bit outdated with all this…..but still wanted to give it a shot. However was a bit disappointed with the alt text not working on the slideshow images…finally had to put them on the caption lines 😦

Presenting to you the Rangoli slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One thought on “Deepavali ki hardik shubhechha (Happy Diwali) -I

  1. Excellent shots !!

    Loved the diya shot with reddish hues all around…. awesome ! best of the lot for sure.

    One question… Can you slow down the speed of the slideshow… the pic switches before I could admire the pic and read the caption below…?


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