Kojagari Lakshmi Puja 2011 – II

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Alpona with Lakshmi's feet

Alpona or Alpana is a Bengali art form made to adorn the entrance of the house and the places of worship. Just like Rangoli, another art form is made of dry powdered colours,  Alpona is a wet paste made of powdered rice. For Lakshmi puja it is customary to draw a pair of feet, meant to indicate the feet of the Goddess in front of the house and the other appliances of daily use, so that wealth and prosperity is always adorned on the household.

Alpona design

One of my creations 😀

Light of faith

Starting the pujo by lighting the lamps across the house….

Worshipping the Goddess

 After listening to the Lakshmi Broto Kotha, the puja is completed by waving the lamps in front of all the Gods and Goddesses.

P.S: Incase you want to view last year pics, click HERE


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