Vajreshwari and Ganeshpuri – Finale

Mating season

The best shots of the day came at the end and this one is undoubtedly my favourite pic. An absolute chance encounter and when I zoomed in on the grass blade…Voila!! It actually turned out to be two tiny butterflies mating instead of one big butterfly (which I originally thought it was)……yipeeee

Red cherry or....

This particular fruit growing in the wilderness looked so similar to a cherry that I had to take a picture of this one. anyone knows what this is?

Pink bloom

Sorry for being botanically challenged, but I don’t know this particular flower growing in abundance on the sides of the fields.

Rice fields

Had it not been for the scorching sun, I would have surely ran across the fields singing “Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam…..” hehehehhee 😛 😀 🙂

Final shot

Yes, this was actually my final capture of the day after which we retired in a nearby hotel for an absolutely delicious lunch and thus came an end to a short yet extremely enjoyable trip.


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