Vajreshwari and Ganeshpuri – III

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Turtle at the entrance

History of the temple:  The story of the creation of this temple dates back to the era of the Peshwas. It was the time when the Mughals and the Portugese equally harassed the locals. Creating social rifts, dishonouring the women and many other intolerable acts of horror were meted out to weaken the Marathi pride. The news of such violence and terror reached the ears of Shri Chimaji Appa Peshwa and he immediately left for Vasai with his troops. On his way to the war, he made a wish in the name of Goddess Vajreshwari that if he wins the fort back, he would create a temple equivalent to the fort and thus it happened.

Swami Muktananda Samadhi

Frankly speaking, am not a great believer in swamis and sadhus and hence this samadhi was not of a great spiritual importance to me. However the ashram was so beautifully decorated with orchids and peacefully silent inside that inspite of the scorching sun outside, I found a soothing calmness within the ashram.

Agni Kund

Vajreshwari is also famous for its hot-water sulphur springs, which are supposed to be medically good for the skin and bones. Three of them are situated inside the ashram mentioned before and this one is situated amidst the river Amba.

Dead frog

This is the Brahma Kund and incase you are wondering about the dead frog floating, well there are lots of them in the other springs as well. On asking one of the locals, the reason for this, he said that the frogs jump in the springs in lure of the water and then get boiled because of the heat. Eeewwwww…….

Source of the spring

Each of the springs have an underground source from where the water is circulated in the springs. The bubbles arising from the hole beneath indicates the source and trust me I had actually scalded my hands when trying to get a sip(as advised by the local) 😦


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