Vajreshwari and Ganeshpuri – II

Sprawling Mango tree

This Mango tree on the right-hand side of the temple courtyard could be called huge from the mere difference in the size between the tree and my Dad standing in front of it πŸ˜›

Dattatreya temple with the Mango tree

As if one view wasn’t enough, I went for another shot of the Mango tree…this time framing the small and beautiful Dattatreya temple besides it.

Shiva linga

This amazingly cute Shiva linga adorned the entrance of another Shiva temple situated on the left-hand side of the temple courtyard. Infact there was a series of Shivalings carved out of marble and donated by the various devotees of the temple.

Natural theatre

This stage situated right at the corner of the courtyardΒ was beautifully framed with the creepers and all…..simply loved it. How wonderfully divine it would be to perform!!

Another profile look

This was one of the best shots for the day and I was so happy to get the sun shining right on the temple top with the trees framing the pic on one side.

History of the Goddess: Β  Mythology has it that tortured and harassed by the two demons Kalikaal and Simhasar, the sages sought shelter under Sage Vashishta. Kalikal and Simhasar were also accompanied by two other fearful demons – Dantur and Durghar. Seeing this, Sage Vashishta arranged for the Trichandi yagna right at this place. However angered by not being acknowledged and also suspicious of Sage Vashishta’s motives to usurp his reign, Lord Indra released his trident on him. The whole world got engulfed in destruction and fearing the end of the world, all the sages summoned Goddess Parvati. Before the trident could hit Sage Vashishta, Goddess took it in her hands and thus the war ended.

The Vajreshwari temple consists of three idols – Goddess Renuka,Goddess Vajreshwari and Goddess Kalikamata inside the temple. Goddess Vajreshwari is hence seen holding a trident in her hands.


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