Shubho Bijoya – IV

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Getting Kumari ready

 This is one of the most favourite rituals during durga puja and although I never got the blessed opportunity to be one, I always make sure to attend the Kumari Puja. Innocence coupled with shyness and yet they have innumerous questions about all the hype around them.


So….what next?

Isn’t she looking really pretty and cute? Just a mistake that I completely forgot her name 😦


Washing Kumari's feet

Kumari Puja is held on Ashtami or Navami during Durga Puja. In the dawn of the morning of the Puja, the Kumari is bathed in Ganga water and is clad in a red benarasi sari. She is then adorned with flowers and jewelry, alta is applied to her feet and a ’tilak’ of sindur on her forehead. The young Kumari fasts the whole day until the puja is over and is made to sit on a decorated chair before the goddess with a flower from the Devi‘s hand placed in her hand. Placed before her are flowers, bel (wood apple) leaves, incense sticks, lamps, ‘noibiddo’ and other things required for puja. After the puja the divinity of the Goddess Durga is said to be seen in the girl. To seek blessings from the Kumari is considered to be a pious act.  


Shy and Intimidated

 Poor girl…after a while I really felt for the kid… I mean it must be really difficult for her to understand all the puja stuff centred around her plus manage all the adornments and the lotus flower all the time.


Incarnate of Goddess

The moment after this shot, she gave me such a serene divine smile that I felt  I was actually watching Maa Durga re-incarnated in front of me…..didn’t click the shot coz it was something to be felt rather than seen.  


Seeking Kumari's blessings

 The final shot in the Kumari series..and then I bowed down to seek her blessings…..hope they work this year!! 😉

Btw…incase you missed the last year pics… can find them HERE


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