Shubho Bijoya – II

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Sound of Music

The typical sound of the conch coupled with the ulu coming from across the pandal every time purohitji sound the bell is a scene to watch and experience……it actually enlivens the pujo even in the hardest of hearts…..ahhh…don’t I love Pujo?

Pujo Bhog

This was an absolute chance shot by Shona(another DSLR freak like me) when she was testing my cam and personally I totally love the way it has turned out. Well, this is when the food/bhog for the day is first presented for the gods to bless and have it…in Indian terms it is also called as “maayer bhog” or “naivedya


The two identical objects called “kosha” & “kushi” are made of copper & used exclusively for offering holly water by the priests during puja.Holy water is kept in the larger vessel while the smaller one is used to offer the water to the Gods in a tamra kunda & as well as to the “ghot” or “kalash”.


This was one of the moments when I was left touched or should I say teary-eyed….call it superstition or culture or whatever…..touching a newborn at the feet of the Goddess and wishing this brings good-luck to him/her is simply a belief in one’s faith and I respect that.

Resplendent Maa

This classic close-up taken on Ashtami left me totally spellbound….the gold necklace in the photo was donated by Samanta Jewellers this year and trust me it was a wonderful piece of exquisite jewellery.


2 thoughts on “Shubho Bijoya – II

  1. This comment is almost an extorted one …
    Having said that .. thanks for posting some of this pics (overall all the shubho bijoya)- served as a virtual desktop tour of Durga puja for a couch potato..
    No particular comments from a photographer’s perspective.
    Thought some of the pics were out of focus .. but turns out you have elaborate explanations already posted (which i had conveniently ignored in past)… Looks like the new SLR and phone are being put to good use..
    Keep phblogging (Photo-blogging)


    1. yes…..trying to improve the way I capture the shots..different angles and all…as of now quite satisfied with the way the pics have turned out


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