Shubho Bijoya – I

365, Festive, Spiritual

Sharodiya Sananda

Pujo is here…….and being a Bong, I can simply sniff the dhaak, the mishti and the pujo in the air……wow. Spotted this mag cover and as you can see everything that spells Bengali spells Durgo Pujo!! 😀

First Look


This was my first look of Maa Durga on Shasthi and needless to say I was awed totally….just one glance at her eyes and I felt my soul in sync with the universe… if in a trance.

Generation gap

Frankly speaking, when I clicked this pic my entire focus was on the newly married couple in the foreground but when I actually posted it,  my focus went on the aged couple in the background. Irony, I must say…..there are these 2 just embarking on a life of togetherness and there were the other 2 who have had their share of it.  I am short of tag lines for this one… any suggestions?

Making of Kola Bou

This tree bride is called “Kola Bou” and is more popular as Lord Ganesh’s wife since she is placed on his right side. In reality Kola bou is the Nabapatrika as described in our scriptures. It is in fact a banana plant draped in white and red Bengali style saree, with vermilion on its leaves and placed beside Lord Ganesha on “Saptami”, the seventh day.

Kola Bou or Nabapatrika

As per the rituals, the end of the saree draped on Kola bou has to touch the kalash or ghat placed in front of her….haven’t asked the reason behind it just like the many other rituals that are there without any explanations


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